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*[http://www.alteraction.com/ Official game page]
*[http://www.alteraction.com/ Official game page]

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From description on 4 Color Rebellion: Masq is a stunning experiment in storytelling in games. You are the head of a fashion company, which is preparing to unveil their Masq line of clothing in five days. You need money, and you need it now. You have two options open to you, neither overwhelmingly pleasant. From there, every single step of the journey will be determined by your choices and how you interact with the other characters.

Despite fitting with a genre often attacked for being overwhelming linear, Masq is the very definition of nonlinearity. Each and every playthrough will be different. The game itself is pretty short. You’ll finish in less than an hour. However, you’ll want to immediately jump back in and see how you could have done something differently. Masq places a huge amount of importance on every thing you say, every choice you make. It will define the rest of the game.