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Mirrored from on 10th Feb '08 by Terry.'

Room1: 	Go through the opening on the right side of the screen

Room2: 	Go through the door in the middle of the right side of 
	the screen (it opens when you get close)

Room3: 	Get the gun modification and go back to Room2

Room2: 	Go back to Room1

Room1: 	See that thing with a plus in the middle in the upper 
	right corner? Touch it to save your progress. 
	Do this before or/and after you get the battery (the 
	entrance is on the left) to make sure you don't have 
	to start all over. Go back to Room2.

Room2: 	Go to Room3 again.

Room3: 	You can now shoot with left mouse button and aim with 
	the right. Shoot the wall in the passage to your right. 
	It will open for a few seconds. Go through it.

Room4: 	The flying things are indestructable, you have to avoid 
	them to get to the other side (Go in through the 
	passage from slightly above just when they are starting 
	to move down). Go through the lower way, there is a 
	door at the end of it. Save your progress at the 
	savestation there (without being electrocuted) and 
	proceed to the next room.

Room5: 	This is probably the hardest part of the game except 
	for the boss. The entrance to the shoot maze is high 
	but not at the top. Shoot it the blocks to make them 
	dissappear for five seconds. After entering the way is 
	as following; down, right up right down, up, left, up, 
	right, up, right. Proceed to the next room.

Room6: 	Save your progress at the save station. Move pretty 
	close to the barrier. Shoot the turret when it's aiming 
	at the buttons. They will be pressed/unpressed when hit 
	by the turrets bullets. When all buttons are pressed 
	down, the barrier will dissappear and the door to the 
	next room will close. Move in close to the turret at a 
	225 degree angle to the turret. You only need to 
	unpress one button for the barrier to re-appear and the 
	door to open.

Room7: 	See those numbers. Remember them. Move through to the 
	next room.

Room8: 	See that clockish orb? Shoot it when the counter 
	reaches the numbers in the code you saw in the last 
	room. If you fuck up, go back and get a new code. 
	The orb will explode if you enter the right code, and 
	you'll move down the hatch.

Room9: 	Save your progress and touch the walker (the legged 
	block). You will fall down a hatch and into the next 

Room10: Go right.

Room11: Jump up to the electropod (without getting fried), and 
	up to the corner. Proceed through the door.

Room12: Jump across the upper region of the room and enter the 
	door on the right.

Room13: Tale the metal beam and proceed back to Room12.

Room12: Go through the lower door to Room13.

Room13: Avoid the turrets and go through the door on the right.

Room14: Play break-out with the falling electric orb. Don't let 
	it hit the water or you'll be fried. A door is unlocked 
	on the right when all of the generators in the ceiling 
	has been blown up. Go through it.

Room15: Touch the quarantine area to have be set free from the 
	walker. Save your progress and go through the door.

Room16: Focus your fire on one of the eyes, if you blow it up, it
	won't be able to regenerate if you die. When both eyes 
	are destroyed, shoot the mouth. After the mouth is blown 
	to pieces you get a short ending message and the game is 
	finally over.