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ZZT Cheats

ZZT has a special "cheat prompt," as I call it. From there, you can type in different codes to perform a cheat. Be warned, however, some games now have anti-cheat objects.

There is a little-known cheat that #sets and #clears flags. It is +[flag] or -[flag], where [flag] is the flag to be set if you use + or cleared if you use -.

To get the the cheat prompt, type ?. That's Shift + / on most keyboards. From there, type in one of the following:

CodeEffect Code</td>Effect
health</td>Gives 50 health</td> ammo</td>Gives 5 ammo</td> </tr>
gems</td>Gives 5 gems</td> torches</td>Gives 3 torches</td> </tr>
keys</td>Gives all keys</td> zap</td>Clears tiles surrounding you</td> </tr>
+dark</td>Makes the room dark</td> -dark</td>Makes the room light</td> </tr>
+debug</td>Lets you edit locked files</td> -debug</td>Disables locked-file editing</td> </tr>
time</td>Gives you more time</td> </td></td>