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Q. What am I supposed to be doing?

For the first day, you're just exploring the house and getting to know its inhabitants. 
The first person you need to find is Philip, who is waiting in the trophy room. You can 
only find the others once you have found him.

Q. How do I open the locked doors?

You don't, at least not now. You will have the opportunity later on.

Q. Where's Simone?

She's upstairs.

Q. Where's Jim?

You can only find him once you've found Simone. Push the tree in the back garden, then 
talk to it.

Q. Where's AJ?

AJ is nowhere to be found. Once you have located the others, just go to the lounge.

Q. What am I supposed to do in the lounge?

Just talk. Talk about everything you can. Eventually, the scene will end by itself.


Q. Now what am I supposed to be doing?

Your task is to locate AJ, who is still missing after your encounter with him yesterday. 
Restrict your attentions to the back yard.

Q. How do I drain the pool?

You'll need to find where the pipeline leads. Since it goes under the lawn, you can't 
track it without a metal detector. Fortunately, it just so happens that Philip brought one.

Q. How do I get the metal detector off him?

He'll only give you it when he finds the underground tomb, or after he sees evidence that 
it is elsewhere. Such information could probably be found on a map, or architectural plan.

Q. Where do I get one of those?

Someone has been able to break open one of the upstairs doors. This is the library. A 
map can be found in one of the sections of bookshelves. After looking at it, you can show 
it to Phil. Note that you can only take the map after you've spoken to Phil about the 
underground tomb.

Q. What do I do with the metal detector?

Use it on the pipeline by the pool, and it will lead you to a certain mound of dirt in 
the lawn.

Q. What does the button do?

Press it once and go west, you'll find out.


Q. NOW what am I supposed to do?

Your task is to investigate the house to try and learn something about this curious 
situation. Simply gather as much information as you can.

Q. What do I do with the car?

Apart from retrieve your lockpicks, nothing. You can now, however, use your picks to 
open every door in the house except one.

Q. How do I get into the other locked room?

You can use your grolly to get across from the window of the room next door, but a tree 
is in the way. You need to deal with that, first. Something from the toolshed would be 

Q. Why can't I saw the tree down?

You need a partner. Phil is being unhelpful and Simone is too busy, which leaves just 
one other available pair of hands. He's in the library, and all you need to do is ask.

Q. What information am I supposed to gather?

You will need to acquire and read the cutting Phil gave you, the newspaper from the 
foyer, a book on the DeFoe family from the library, Sir Roderick's diary from his 
wardrobe, and Matthew DeFoe's diary from the nightstand in the locked room. Once you 
have read them all, Trilby will say he needs to find Matthew's body. Search the library 
again and you'll find a book on white magic with details on a method you can use to 
locate it.

Q. How do I make the Matthew-detector?

The basic components are a stick from outside, the extension cord from the TV room, 
and Matthew's teddy. The instructions should be clear enough.

Q. How do I use the Matthew-detector?

Just look at it. Assuming it is finished, it will indicate towards Matthew's body. 
Follow its directions.

Q. Why does the detector stop working in the kitchen?

It doesn't. It's pointing downwards, below the floor. Look at the plan of the house 
and you'll find that there should be a stairwell connected to the kitchen; use a pickaxe 
to open it up again.

Q. I'm in the basement; where's Matthew's body?

Use the detector and it will indicate towards the exact area of floor you need to be 
standing on. Once it is found, the area of floor in question can be interacted with.

Q. What was that smashing noise?

The bell jar in the trophy room has been broken. Investigate.


Q. How do I get out of the tool shed?

Most of your inventory has been taken, as well as your tie, which contains your 
emergency lockpick. Simone, guarding the door, has it in her possession. You can talk 
to her through the window.

Q. What should I say to Simone?

She took your tie because she doesn't want you to hang yourself with it. The only way 
to get it back is to convince her that you hanging yourself wouldn't be such a bad idea. 
Pretend you actually did do the killings, then pretend to show remorse.

Q. Where is everyone?

Hiding. Check out the bathroom. Remember to save.

Q. How do I escape the Welder?

The Welder cannot be bargained with, or fought. He can, however, be knocked out 
through the dextrous and well-timed use of the bathroom rug.


Q. What's the conversation with Simone for?

To see if you understand the story. Don't worry, it doesn't matter whether you get it 
right or wrong, Simone will correct you. Once you understand what you're up against, your 
task is to find the Welder's body and summon him into it, giving you the opportunity to 
kill him.

Q. Where is the Welder's body?

Use the same technique you used to find Matthew's body. Jim will give you everything you 

Q. How do I assemble the Welder-detector?

The possession is the welding mask, and the stick is the machete. You can tie them 
together by cutting a strip off the apron with the scissors from the living room.

Q. Where did the Welder sleep?

He was kept manacled in the basement, so the manacles are your best bet. Once you have 
the detector salted, wave it over them. It now works just like Matthew's detector did.

Q. How do I rip up the bathroom floor?

Use the machete. You can separate it from the other components with the scissors.

Q. What do I do with the body?

A book on black magic can be found in the library. It will give you details on the process 
with which you must use to summon the Welder.

Q. Where is the place of fire and death?

There is only one room in the house with a fire. Luckily, it also contains dead animals. 
Once you have read the black magic book you can place the body on the floor of the room.

Q. How do I prevent the Welder from killing me after summoning him?

You need a little help from both your two living friends and the two dead people who have 
a score to settle with the Welder. The black magic book may give you a clue as to how to 
do this.

Q. Could you just give straightforward instructions? I'm dead thick.

Once you have laid out and dressed the Welder's body in his apron and mask, go to both 
Simone and Jim and tell them to meet you in the trophy room. Give Matthew DeFoe's teddy 
bear to Jim, then pick up Sir Roderick's rifle and give it to Simone. Now you can summon 
the Welder, then sit back and watch a touching family reunion.