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Mirrored from on 27th Mar '08 by Terry.

This is a solution to Adam Cadre's masterpiece, Varicella. A step-by-step
walkthrough is provided at the end, but using it except as a last resort
will spoil your fun.

Now, to become regent you'll need to eliminate five rivals: War Minister
Klaus Wehrkeit, Christ Minister Pierre Bonfleche, Interior Minister Variola
Modo, Coffers Minister Argento Rico, and Prince Louis. Don't worry about
Ambassador to China Marco Pulisci (you can call China and find out he's
already dead).


Wehrkeit is fighting the Venetians but soon learns of the king's death and
retreats to Piedmont. If you do nothing, he will arrive around 3 o'clock
and kill you. When you ask Miss Sierra about Venice, she will give you a
piece of information that the Venetians might be interested in and which
may threaten Wehrkeit's position. You need to contact Venice via the
telephone in the throne room. For some money, Miss Sierra will also give
you the necessary telephone codes. But you have to ask her in time, because
at some point Rico will bribe Sierra to give you a false access code which
triggers a booby trap.

Wehrkeit will still arrive and may still kill you if you run into him and
don't react quickly. But he's badly injured, and you can either kill him or
just keep away from him and wait till you get the news of his death.


Bonfleche is tutoring Prince Charles until he gets the news of the king's
death. Soon afterward he leaves for Avignon and organizes an invasion of
Piedmont by Avignese forces. He must be killed while he's still in the
palace. If you use the spying equipment in your quarters to monitor
Bonfleche's quarters, you can witness some extremely unseemly conduct on
his part at 2 o'clock. Record it with your master key and show it to Miss
Sierra. She'll take care of him.


Modo is doing experiments with green slime in an underground lab. To get to
him, you need the vials from his quarters. You don't want to go in there,
but with a hostile tone you can order the guard in. Then tell him to get
the vials. You also the need the gas mask from the royal quarters. Now go
to the fountain in the courtyard. Put the yellow liquid and then the pink
liquid in the funnel. Push the loose tile, use the gas mask, and go
down. You'll find Modo there. Kill him before he kills you. Don't forget to
pull the cord to prevent the spread of the green haze.


Rico is in his quarters most of the time. If you talk to Princess Charlotte
in the palace asylum, she will tell you about the unseemly things he's done
to her. Unfasten her straitjacket and she will follow you. Go to Rico and
give her the dagger from your quarters. (She would dispatch of Louis and
Bonfleche in the same way, but once she has killed one, she will be taken
away. Since you have other ways to eliminate Louis and Bonfleche, it's
advisable to have her kill Rico.)


Louis sits in the courtyard all the time. There are two balconies above the
courtyard. Prince Charles is playing with a heavy toy car in the royal
quarters. But before you can do the obvious, you have to get the car from
the prince. You have to give him something else so that he lets you take
the car. Among Rico's junk is a nice toy robot. Get it while Rico is out of
his room.

The timing is most critical in this game. You have to do everything before
the showdown with Wehrkeit, so don't lose time wandering around aimlessly.

Step-by-step walkthrough:
e. n. nw. u. u. nw. open bottom drawer. open secret compartment. get bills
and dagger. se. d. se. e. e. ne. u. ne. give bill to
sierra. again. again. ask sierra about venice. ask sierra about access
code. ask sierra about venice code (remember the codes). sw. d. sw. w. get
receiver (enter the codes you just got). again. w. s. s. e. hostile. guard,
s. guard, get vial. w. n. n. nw. u. nw. move painting. open panel. set
slider to 9. get black cable. plug it in jack. set dial to 17. wait (until
Bonfleche loosens his vestments). press record. unplug black cable. drop
it. se. d. se. e. e. ne. u. ne. show key to sierra. sw. d. sw. s. bribe
guard. e. get robot. w. n. w. n. give robot to charles. get car and
transmitter. get mask. s. w. s. drop car. push joystick
e. again. n. nw. d. se. s. e. put yellow in funnel. put pink in
funnel. push tile. wear mask. turn on canister. d. n. n. kick modo. s. pull
cord. s. u. e. s. se. u. u. se. untie jacket. nw. nw. n. e. give dagger to
charlotte. wait (until you get the news of Wehrkeit's death).