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Nifty Walkthrough

Level 01

Did you compare the hint to the blocks on-screen?

Notice something similar?

The symbols are the same.

So, what would happen if you only had one of those symbols?

SOLUTION: Change all but one of the green blocks to a different color.

Level 02

This should be an easy one.

Or not.

A purple, with an arrow to blue.


SOLUTION: Change all the purples to blues.

Level 03

This is the same thing as the last one...

...just in two steps.

Follow them in order.

The first one is swiching that symbol block with brown...

...and that symbol is purple.

Switch the brown and purple blocks.

Now, a brown with an arrow to yellow.


... you should know what to do here after level 2.

SOLUTION: Switch the brown and purple blocks, then change the new brown block to yellow.

Level 04

What's that weird symbol in the hint?

It means "number of".

So, it means (Number of green) + (Number of blue) > (Number of purple).

...there's 4 green and 4 blue., 8 in total.

..... still don't get it?

Come on.

Think a little.


SOLUTION: Make the level have 8 purple blocks.

Level 05

This is a tricky one.

What does an up arrow mean?

Try looking up.

Don't see anything?

Try looking "outside of the box".

...that's a pun.

Litterally, look outside of the box.

LIke, in the window header.

It should be obvious now.

SOLUTION: Change the "Blue, Blue, Blank, Yellow" formation to "Yellow, Yellow, Blank, Blue".

Level 06

A row of green, followed by a row with the left half purple and the right half brown.

If that's not obvious enough, read the top of the screen.

Pretend one block isn't missing.

Pretend the block to the left of the top row of three isn't blank.

Come on, you don't get it?

SOLUTION: Change the top row to green, and the bottom row's left half to purple and the right half to brown.

Level 07

SYMB. What could that mean?

It's short for something.

What does this game have a lot of?


So, change the blocks to the symbol on that block.

It's the symbol on the green blocks, not blue. That's just to trip you up.

That didn't work?

Did you read the top bar?

It says=== "all [notYIFM] must be===".

What does that mean?

Did you see the folder icon?

There's a folder in Nifty's game folder called "folder".

Why don't we explore it?

What's this in the "data" folder? SYMB?

It's a key.

YIFM means yellow.

So, we leave the yellow blocks alone.

So reset the level and...

you should know what to do here.

SOLUTION: Change the non-yellow blocks to green.

Level 08

"I don't know!"

We're doomed.

Or are we?

Check the folder.

Go to Data...

...then Config.


WTF is this?

Well, is there any part of it that makes sense?

Rikrew = gritf.

That means "Red = green".

That brown is kinda reddish, right?


SOLUTION: Change all brown blocks to green.

Level 09

"5 YIFM".

There's only 4 blocks!

Did you read the top bar?

It says, "Someone hiding something?".

What someone could there be?

What about... the game's little mascot, Nif?

Click on him.

There it is!

SOLUTION: Click on Nif, then change all blocks to yellow.

Level 10

Whoa. This is new.

But yet, it's not.

All it is is a different way of manipulating blocks.

And there's less colors now! Yay!

So, the hint.

It conflicts itself, doesn't it?

Did you read the top bar?

It says "CHOOSE".

How would you choose one of the conflicting hints?

Click on it.

SOLUTION: Choose one of the hints by clicking on it, then match the block colors to the hint.

Level 11

Lots of blocks this time.

Tried shooting them?

They break.

Clear them out of the way of the buttons.

Do the buttons not work?

Try shooting a lot.

Notice something?

The blocks only respond to a specific color bullet.

The red to red, and the white to blue.

Hit them both.

Blocks appear!

Now, the hint.

The main part of the hint is the upper left.

Green on top of blue.

But, blue equals red.

So, wouldn't the bottom one be red?

Now, the top one is grean, but it says it equals blue...

...which equals red.

So, the top one is red too.

SOLUTION: Change both blocks to red.

Level 12

There's an invisible wall blocking the blocks.

Didn't we see a data12 file?

We did, in folder/data/Config.

Read it.

If that didn't make it obvious, search the 2 in "Level 12" for a pixel that turns yellow.

Nothing happens.

Read the filo again.

Right click on it.

Now what do we do?

The file says invert the colors of something... the hint?

Print Screen and paste it into paint, then invert the colors.

Green, Blue, Green, Green.

SOLUTION: Right-click the yellow-turning pixel in Level 12's name, then change the blocks to green, blue, green, and green (from top down).

Level 13

Doesn't exist.

Level 14

Ever taken algebra?

If you haven't, skip to the solution.

Read the top bar?

X = Prev.


Each block should be the previous block minus one.

so, 4, 3, 2, 1.

SOLUTION: Change the blocks to 4, 3, 2, and 1 (from top down).

Level 15

This is a simple one.

See the four splotches?

What will we do with them?

Drag them to the colored rectangle.

Where's the red one?

Look hard...'s right above Reset.

SOLUTION: Drag each colored splotch to its proper colored rectangle.

Level 16

Ever played There Are People In The Blocks?

If so, you know what to do here. on the people blocks, don't click on the bad face blocks.

SOLUTION: See above.

Level 17

"Not much time"?

Hear that noise in the background?

It sounds like a timer.

SOLUTION: Click finish before time runs out.

Level 18

"Get out of this game please"?

How would you do that? clicking Quit.

SOLUTION: Click Quit, then quickly click Finish.

Level 19

I spy purple.

What to do?

Click everywhere when in doubt.

One purple block dissapears.

SOLUTION: Click on the second from the left and third down purple block, then click finish.

Level 20

Pop Catch!

This is a fun one.

SOLUTION: Pop the bubbles, and collect what falls out. The finish button will eventually appear.

Level 21

SOLUTION: Nothing to do here but wait.

Level 22


What to do?!

Tried checking everywhere yet?

How about in /folder/data/Config?

No data file for this level.

How about "data00"?


How about "data"?


It matches up perfectly.

"Get some space to press a button"...

...means press the space button.

A lot.

Then, an up arrow appears.

So press up.

It dies.

Hurry, click finish!


SOLUTION: Press space a bunch, then press up.

Level 23

Nif dies no matter what, btw.

Now then.

Have we seen anything about an Image Code?

How about right next to nifty?

Read the helper maker readme file.

That should explain this nicely.

The image code is in "Inf".

SOLUTION: Plug in the image code from /folder/data/Inf/storedcode.yes.

Level 24


This is still part of the same puzzle as 23.

So, run Helper Maker.

Press all the buttons.

Then the one in the middle.

A file appears called "Helper.yes".

What did the readme say to do with it?

...move it to the Inf folder.

You're done.

SOLUTION: see above explanation.

Level 25

Cool music.

Uh oh.

Well, go to the folder to delete your save files.

Right in the folder, there's a file called "your save files".

Delete it.


OK, now, where's "THE SAVE FILES"?

In /folder/data/Config.

SOLUTION: Delete "your save files" in /folder, click finish, then delete "THE SAVF FILES" in /folder/data/Config.

Level 26

Part 1

Shooting that thing makes coins come out.

Did you read the top bar?

You need 26.

SOLUTION: Get 26 coins, then click finish.


Part 2

Did you read the top bar?

"You don't need 26."

That doesn't help much.

Or does it?

Search the folder.

There's a data26 file!

It says that there's nothing here yet.


Oh, look! A file called YouDontNeed26!

You need to double it, subtract your level from the total, and add one.

(26 x 2) - 26 + 1 = ...


SOLUTION: Get 27 coins, then press finish.

Level 27

It's dark.

D to L.

Dark to light.

There's a key to the left. Blue, red, green, yellow.

Look around.

There's colored dots.

Click on them in order.

SOLUTION: Click on the blue dot, then the red dot, then the green dot, then the yellow dot.

Level 28

Possibly the hardest level if you don't know what you're doing.


Is there one in the folder?


Guess we'll have to make one.

That didn't work.

Any clues to put something in the file?

Check the background.


SOLUTION: Create a file called "GaralinaCode.txt" and put 112349 in it, then click finish.

Level 29

Cool beat.

There's a button.

That makes a noise.

SOLUTION: Press the button in time with the beat for a little while.

Level 30

Break it!

With what?

What haven't we checked yet?

Remember data26?


It now says to replace the contents with your level number.


So do that and save it.

Click finish.

You got your shooter back!

SOLUTION: Replace the contents of data26 with 30, click finish, then break the block.


The Path to Final Boss


Glitchy mess!

That's not all, though.

There's a new file in the folder called PASS.PASS.

And the title screen has an asterisk next to Start.

Start and play through some levels again.

After every level, a new file is created!

All 16 of them create a message.

It says that you need to make "it" blue.

What could "it" be?

Remember the glitchy area?

There was a block.

SOLUTION: Get back to the glitch, and make it blue, and click Finish.

Final Boss


Click those white things.

You got your shooter!


Nothing's happening!

Wait a minute.

Remember the helper maker readme?

And how it said it could create something with PASS.PASS?

Run the helper maker process again, and move the new helper file into Inf again, replacing the old one.

Now kill it.

It died!

SOLUTION: See above explanation.


Try checking out the "garalog" folder and the nifty readme for more info on the game's backstory.