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To get the CODE, head for the Storehouse.

Find the spot just above it where you can swim with the current.

Talk to the character to your left to acquire the CODE.

Give SUKA BREAD to Carry (the lockjaw).

Go to Storehouse.

Ask watchman at storehouse for SHRIMP COCKTAIL.

Receive SHRIMP COCKTAIL from watchman (Pinky's dad).

Return to Carry.


Carry will request for CRAB SOUP from the Storehouse.

Go to Storehouse.

Ask watchman for CRAB SOUP.

Receive CRAB SOUP from watchman.

Return to Carry.

Give CRAB SOUP to Carry.

Carry will request for GLOBEFISH PLATTER from the Storehouse.

Return to Storehouse and talk to the watchman.

The watchman will take the pearl from you.

Talk to Pinky's mom, one room below the Storehouse.

An earthquake will happen.

Head right and look for Pinky.

You'll be trapped in a new area.

Swim past the rest area (save first).

Go with the current and find yourself trapped in another room.

Examine the remains for the CAPACITOR.

Hold the Z key and release for the dash move.

This move can be used to open new areas.

Rescue Pinky with your new ability.

Return to the location where Pinky's mom is at.

Talk to Pinky to receive the GLOBEFISH PLATTER.

Return to the original starting point to release Ben.

Save the game, a boss battle is coming up.

Return to Carry and hand over the GLOBEFISH PLATTER.

You can then proceed right to challenge Ironhead.

Only attack when Ironhead's eyes are not red in color.

After the battle, return to the Storehouse with Ben.

You can get Ben from Ikachan's original starting point.

Board the ship which is located in the Storehouse.

Now talk to everyone to rescue them.

Save Carry and Ironhead last.

Congratulations, you have completed the game!

By Tim W.