Terry Move or Die

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Mirrored from http://indygamer.blogspot.com/2007/11/move-or-die.html on 5th Jan '08 by Terry.

First Scene:
1: "Use the old man's cellphone..."
2: "Tell her to express moral outrage..."
3: "Advise her to inquire off Syd whether he intends to tell the police..."
4: "Tell her to call the police and ask them..."

Next Scene:
1: "Drive off with the body..."
2: "Tell him you sympatize with his situation but..."
3: "Tell him you're with him all the way..."
4: "Advise him to remind her that the plan was to rescue Carla..."

Next Scene:
1: "Suggest you do the talking..."
2: "Given his current state..."
3: "Act surprised and say..."
4: "Tell him you couldn't find any ID..."

Next Scene:
1: "Agree to conduct the negotiation if they agree to call the police right now."
2: "Tell her you've brought the corpse..."
3: "...and some money."
4: "$10,000"
5: "Ask her if she would be prepared to take a lesser amount."
6: "Ask her the details of Carla's debt repayment plan."
7: "Ask her if she considered herself to be a principled person."
8: "...independent evaluation..."
9: "...pain of a broken heart..."
10: "...completing the last journey of her grandfather..."
11: "Remind her that you reached an agreement..."
12: "Ask Mrs. Grimm whether under the circumstances you could keep the money."
13: "blah blah blah... grasping."