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Mirrored from on 19th Jan '08 by Terry

|Missing Walkthrough v 1.0| 

Missing is for the most part pretty easy. I doubt that any of you will need 
the step-by-step walkthrough, but I included it just in case; scroll down to 
view the walkthrough. 

Q: When I finished the painting puzzle, the game says "something has been 
   unlocked." What exactly has been unlocked?
A: Solving the painting puzzle gives you access to the bedroom beyond.

Q: I input the painting combo as instructed, but nothing happened... what 
A: The "locked" part doesn't refer to the lock of hair. 

Q: Where can I find the combination to the safe?
A: Try calling Steve, he might have something useful for you.



Get the wallet from the jeans.
Click on the wallet to get the Steve's phone number. 
Get a photo of Elle and David from the bag. 
Click on the photo to get Elle and David's reservation number.
Go to the bathroom and click on the toothbrush.
Go down to the main hall and talk to Gregory.
Go to the lounge and call Steve. 
Go to the Study room and read the newspaper. 
Go back to the lounge and call Steve again.
Go outside and head west twice to confront a a mysterious man observing 
  the inn.
Head back to the inn and confront Clive along the way.
Get the key to Elle's room  from Clive. 
Go to Elle's room and read the diary (located to the left of the dark 
  hallways of the second floor.)
Go to the bar and talk to the bartender. 
Go back to your room and click on the bed. 
*nightmare sequence* 
Check the window and go back to bed.

Go to the bathroom and click on the toothbrush icon.
Meet Gregory at the staircase. 
Meet Gregory at the dining hall. 
Go to the lounge and call steve. 
Go outside and confront the mysterious stranger on the same place you 
  met him before.
Go back to the main hall and talk to Clive.
Get the wallet and hand it to Clive. At this point, you can now access 
  the room beyond the bar and the third floor.
Go to the kitchen and search the drawers for the spade. 
Go to Clive's room and read the note by his bed. 
Head outside to the dark forest and click on the ground near the tree 
Go to the bar and talk to Gloria.
Go to bed.

Go to the bathroom and click on the toothbrush icon.
Go to Elle's room. 
Check the thing under the bed.
Read the note.
Go to the eastern wing of the 2F. 
Go in and check the drawers to obtain the clue to the painting puzzle.
Go back to the study room and get the key from one of the paintings. 
Call Steve.
Go down to the basement and check the keyhole.
Go to the dark room and click on the painting. 
Click the right eye, the gold ring, the locket, and the lips. This will 
  give you access to the bedroom beyond.
Check the drawer then check on the painting hanging above the drawer. 
Call Steve. 
Go back to the room with the safe and enter the combination. 
Go to the attic and get the hammer. 
Go to clive's room and search the floorboard near the drawer. 
Get the key to the basement from the corpse's mouth. 
Enter the basement.

Check the corpse with the knife stuck to his stomach. Click on the knife.
Untie Elle.