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Mirrored from on 5th Jan '08 by Terry.

Doukutsu Monogotari/Cave Story Guide
by ReroRero


version 0.4 - 04/02/2005
English patch out! Time to get cracking again. Started to rewrite the
guide with more detailed information (and incidentally more spoilers).
Fixed a few existing typos. Next relese will hopefull have lists for items,
enemies, weapons etc.

version 0.3 - 13/01/2005
Finished the game. Labelled the versions of the guide. Thank you everyone
who has read it and has found it helpful so far. Now to await a translation
of the game so I can list items, characters and such, as well as make out
the story.

version 0.2 - 13/01/2005
Made lots of progress today. Added information about the room in the Cliff
Area which can only be reached with a jetpack or the vulcan. Made it to the
shrine which is most likely the final area. I might actually get the game
done today. Or I could be wrong. I've also started to list my updates as
you can see.

version 0.1 - 12/01/2005
Started guide. Progress was good, in a short time I was able to get up to
where you break out of gaol in the Plant Area which was where I previously
was with another profile.

Start Point
Save game if you want. Exit room.

First Cave
Go left and follow the tunnel around, avoiding the spikes along the way.
Grab the *Life Capsule* and continue down and to the right until you get to
the tiger head. Standing around in the water will deplete your air-supply,
it's a good idea to remember this.

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 3!

Hermit Gunsmith
Go in and open the chest to get the *Polar Star*, now you can kill stuff.
Don't worry about the old geezer, he's asleep. You can talk to him later
in the game in order to get a new weapon if you still have your Polar Star.
After the cutscene is finished leave the room. Backtrack all the way to
the save point, shooting all the enemies and the star blocks as you go.
Shoot the door until it opens before going through it otherwise you'll get
hurt. Enemies will drop yellow triangles when they have been killed. Grab
these to level up your current weapon. Getting all your weapons up to the
max (level 3) is well advised, you'll increase your chances of survival.

*Polar Star Info*
The most basic gun.
It bears the mark of Polaris.

The first weapon you get is a pistol with a limited range. It can be
powered up later on in the game as long as you still have it on you. It
should also be noted that it is one of the few weapons that can break the
starry blocks you'll find.

Level 1 - a small, weak shot.
Level 2 - fires two ver small shots stacked vertically. Increased range.
Level 3 - a thick bullet. Does a good amount of damage. Increased range.

Mimiga Village
Watch the cut scene then talk to the Mimiga, who introduces himself as
King. Now would be a good time to get to know the area. In the middle of
the area is a Save Point. If you go up and right from here you'll find the
Yamashita Farm. To the right is the Assembly Hall as well as the Mimiga
Graveyard. A Mimiga named Jack guards the door to the graveyard and won't
let you pass just yet. If you go down from the Save Point you'll find
Arthur's House which is locked. Left from the house is a Shack. There is
also another Mimiga just below the Save Point. To the left of the Save
Point is a door that leads to the Reservoir, which is where we have to go.

Talk to the fishing Mimiga then jump in the water and press down on the
sparkling bit to get the *Silver Locket*. Go right through the water (you
don't have to kill the fish if you don't want to) and you'll bump into
Toroko who'll run off. Follow Toroko out the door.

*Silver Locket Info*
A silfer locket in the shape of a fish.
From the condition it's in, it looks
like it's been treasured for years.

Mimiga Village
Watch Toroko knock King down the cutscene, talk to the rabbit and go right
past the save room. Instead of jumping across the gap fall down onto the
platforms below and jump across till you get to the chest. Open it and get
the *Map System*. Fall down and enter the Shack.

All seems quiet. Watch out! Jump over Toroko and shoot her from behind.
Now go talk to her but the conversation is cut short when Balrog and Misery
appear, the games' two wacky cartoon villains. Misery makes off with Toroko
and leaves Balrog behind to take care of you. Depending on how you answer
his question you may have to fight him.

Boss #1: Balrog
Easy. Just keep shooting him and jump over him when he charges. Ever third
charge he'll jump so just back off and keep shooting him.

Fought off Balrog!

He'll drop a few power-ups and beat a hasty retreat. Go back to the Mimiga

Mimiga Village
Go to the Save Point and go save your game. Go talk to Jack and he'll run
off to tell King the bad news. Now you can enter the graveyard.

The area is indeed populated by mushrooms. There's also something with a
rather pointy-looking knife and a tiny person who has an attitude (he's
hanging around the graves near the incline at the bottom. Look carefully,
he's hard to see). Go around to the tombstone at the top and examine it to
get *Arthur's Key*. Don't worry about the closed door that's at the
top-right of the area since you can't get there yet. Now exit the

*Arthur's Key Info*
The key to Arthur's house.
It was hidden near Arthur's

Mimiga Village
Now you can get into Arthur's House so go there. Stop by the Assembly Hall
and talk to the Mimigas if you'd like to.

Arthur's House
There is a Save Point here, a computer, some beds which you can rest in
as well as flowers. But most importantly is the teleporter. Use the
computer then use the teleporter and go to the Egg Corridor.

Egg Corridor
Talk to the blue guy and heed his advice. Drop down to where the white
spark is happily scooting along and jump up to get the *Life Capsule*. Jump
back up and continue to the right, erasing all opposition with extreme

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 3!

You'll come across a Mimiga who thinks she's mad-tough but instead she
gets her shit messed up by a huge, mutated Mimiga. Continue along and
enter the door that you see.

Cthulhu's Abode
No, the ancient one does not reside here, instead there's a sinister
cosplayer! Agh it's hideous! Get it off, get it off! Repel him with words
and take the top door out of this horrifying den of Satan.

Egg Corridor
Jump over the small gap and nab the *Life Capsule*.

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 4!*

Resume your journey to the right. Eventually you'll come across an egg
with the number 6 in front of it. Get around to it since there's a secret
door that leads inside of it but you'll have to jump to get inside.

Egg No. 06
Inside the chest is the *ID Card*. Exit the egg.

*ID Card Info*
An ID Card found in Egg No. 06.

Egg Corridor
As you push on further, you'll find another door you can enter. This leads
to the Egg Observation Area.

Egg Observation Area
Inside is a Save Point, a lot of monitors, a computer and a chest which you
should immediately open. You'll find the *Missile Launcher* just sitting
inside. Now you can shoot explosives and enemies will randomly drop extra
missiles when killed. Power it up to level 3 as quickly as you can. When
you're finished here exit the room.

*Missile Launcher Info*
Wide range and powerful damage.
However, its ammunition is limited.

The Missile Launcher is a handy thing to have around. It's high-damaging
and it can take out multiple targets when fully powered up. It's a very
good weapon to have when facing bosses but watch your ammo or you'll find
that your fun will come to a halt quickly.

Level 1 - fires one relatively slow-moving missile.
Level 2 - fires one larger missiles that is slightly faster.
Level 3 - fires three level 1 missiles. Great against single and multiple

Egg Corridor
Although you can't go inside Egg No. 2, you can shoot at the space in the
alcove above it to get some hidden missiles and hearts. A little further
along and you'll come across a wavy barrier, but how to get past it?
The egg that is close by holds the answer.

Egg No. 01
You'll find a missile here as well as a monitor which you should examine.
You will use your ID Card on it and the barrier will be turned off. Now
go inside and fight the boss.

Boss #2: Igor
Like Balrog, he's a pussy. He'll charge at you, but you can just jump over
him. If he gets close he'll give you the ol' left-hook so move away. When
he opens his mouth he'll barf energy blasts at you. Soften him up with
rockets then switch to your pistol for the icing on the cake.

Fought off Igor!

You can't get to the Save Point yet so go in the other door.

Egg No. 00
Talk to the Mimiga who still has some fighting spirit left. After your
conversation, leave the room and go all the way back to the beginning of
the area and use the teleporter to go back to Arthur's House.

Arthur's House
We find out the blue-clothed Mimiga is called Sue but after a little IRC
with Kazuma (the scientist in the beginning cutscene for those who haven't
been paying attention or haven't got the translation) King and Jack bust
in and apprehend her! After you teleport in talk to Jack to find out their
unsavoury plan. Save if you must and exit the house.

Mimiga Village
Watch the cutscene, then go talk to King and Sue. If you haven't already
go to the Yamashita Farm.

Yamashita Farm
There is a Mimiga relaxing here as well as a sprinkler and another *Life
Capsule* in a small body of water. We're done here now so go back to
Arthur's House and use the teleporter to get to the new location Grasstown.

*Life Capsuke Info*
Max health increased by 3!

There is a Mimiga named Santa here who's dropped the key to his house,
clumsy dill. So go right, get *Santa's Key* and return it to him so he can
get back home.

*Santa's Key Info*
The key to Santa's house.

Santa's House
He'll reward you with the *Fireball*, a new weapon. The stuff kids get for
Christmas these days; back when I was a wee lad all we got were Sega
Saturns, not high-powered weaponry. In Santa's House you'll also see a
fireplace, which you should remember for later and a pit of red spikes.
Under any circumstance should you EVER touch the red spikes. Actually don't
touch any spikes of any kind, or you'll be sorry. Don't say I didn't warn
you. Exit Santa's House.

*Fireball Info*
Bounces along the floor.
Rather powerful on gentle slopes.

The Fireball will bounce balls of fire along the ground. It's good for
hitting ground-based enemies and also for enemies who are lower than you
(like if you're standing on a platform). Interestingly, as you power up
the gun the fireballs will change shape and colour, making them not balls
but squares.

Level 1 - 2 fireballs.
Level 2 - 3 orange fire squares, more damage.
Level 3 - 3 blue fire squares, even more damage.

Now that you are outside Santa's Workshop Of Killer Weapons, jump on the
platform then over towards another green-suited cosplayer. He seems to be
quite a helpful cosplayer, but you should cease all contact as quickly as
possible. It's pretty straightforward form here, travel to the right until
you get to the door which you should enter.

Chaco's House
Talk to the Mimiga then examine the fireplace. You'll need to get through
it somehow. The Mimiga tells you that you need to get a Jellyfish Juice in
order to pass by the fire so exit the house.

You should notice that there is a new enemy here, a floating jellyfish.
Actually, there are two of them so kill them and go left. Go to the place
where you got the key for Santa's House and you'll see a lot of jellies.
Make your way on to the platform above and you'll see a very large jelly
stuck to the ceiling. There's really no strategy to defeating it, just
shoot it lots of times and watch that it doesn't land on your head. It will
drop a chest so open this to get a *Jellyfish Juice*. You'll also notice
that there is a *Life Capsule* in a small alcove in the ceiling. It's
best to start where the four star blocks are, then make a jump to the
platforms to the left in order to get up.

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 5!

*Jellyfish Juice Info*
A fluid that can quench

Now since you have a Jellyfish Juice on you, you can extinguish all the
fireplaces. You can only carry one at a time to making multiple trips back
to the large jelly will be needed. Use this one on the fireplace in Santa's
House to get the *Charcoal*.

*Charcoal Info*
Taken from a fireplace.

At this time you can use a Jellyfish Juice to get an optional piece of
equipment. It's not necessary to do this in order to complete the game so
it's entirely up to you whether you want to get it or not. Go back to the
Assembly Hall in the Mimiga Village and use a Jellyfish Juice on the
fireplace to get a new weapon, the *Bubbler*.

*Bubbler Info*
From the Assembly Hall's fireplace.
How you use it is up to you.

The Bubbler shoots bubbles. Fancy that. It's one of the more interesting
weapons since its function changes as it levels up. When it starts out it's
really weedy, use a different weapon until you power this one up. When it
gets to level 2 it becomes much better (and fires rapidly when holding the
fire button to boot). On level 3 when you hold the button down the bubbles
will float in mid air. You can have up to 15 bubbles floating at a time,
any more will cause old bubbles to pop and fire a projectile in the
direction you are holding. Or you could just let go of the button and fire
all your bubbles at once. It's certainly an interesting weapon to try.

Level 1 - limited range. Quite weak. Recharges slowly.
Level 2 - better range. Rapid fire. Recharges fast.
Level 3 - excellent range. Rapid fire. Holding the button causes bubbles
to float around in the air.

Whether you got the Bubbler or not, go now to Chaco's House and use a
Jellyfish Juice on the fireplace. Now you can continue with the area. Be
careful with the jumps over the spike pits. Use the Polar Star to take out
the bats as well as the blue thing (watch out for its attack). Fall down
off the ledge and go past all the bats, blue things and frogs. You can
get to the Save Point by making a jump or two to the left. Get to the top
of the area, kill the enemies and you can make a jump to the right to the
chest where you can increase the amount of missiles you can carry by 5.
Now fall down and try to open the door. Unfortunately it's locked but a
voice will call out to you from the crack in the wall, so you better go
answer it. Agree to helping the voice out and you'll get a *Rusty Key*.
So use it in the door. Oh, no key hole. Well I guess we'll have to break
the door down then. Take the Rusty Key to the Power Room that is located
to the left, under the cliff.

*Rusty Key Info*
A rusty key.

Power Room
There's a robot here but no power to operate him. Use the computer to turn
the power on. My creation has life! Unfortunately my creation is unhappy
with your oppressive iron rule and wants to detonate itself. Along comes
Balrog to annoy you.

Boss #3: Balrog Again
He'll jump and hover like the enemies you've fought in this area. When he
lands he lets off some projectiles that can be shot. Just dodge under him
when he hovers, destroy all the projectiles when he lands and repeat. The
Fireball this fight a cinch.

Fought off Balrog!

Better pull the robot out of the ground. He's quite thankful since he wants
to repay your help by making you explosive devices. He must work for Santa.
Exit the room.

Hmm, turning the power on also activated the fans. Use the one here to go
all the way back to the left to get a Jellyfish Juice. Go back to where
the mysterious voice beckoned from and take the fan on the right side of
the hoverbike (no, you can't ride it. Shame) up to the Grasstown Hut where
another chest which grants more missiles resides. Be careful, after you
open it a really pissed-off Mimiga mutant attacks from the fireplace. Mercy
kill him with the Fireball since everyone knows all mutants curse their
existence and await the cold embrace of death with open arms (so that's
what the red flowers do to the Mimigas). On the right side of the fan is an
Execution Chamber which holds another *Life Capsule*. It's easy to get it,
just destroy the left star block and use the killer robot to get a leg up
to kill the other killer robot then jump up again to attain life-giving

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 5!

Let's go back to Santa's psychotic, bomb-making robot. It seems we need
Charcoal, Jellyfish Juice, and Gum Base in order to make a nice explosive
(Jellyfish Juice? I use that on fires, just what the hell do they put in
this shit?). Go back to the voice and you'll get the *Gum Key*. You'll
need this to open the door at the far-right of Grasstown, so go there now.
You'll need to time your jumps in order to have the fans blow you the
correct distance to get there thanks to the helpful hint from that weird
cosplayer dude (boy he sure gets around. And yes, I am aware that I'm being
redundant by calling just one cosplayer weird).

*Gum Key Info*
A tag says "Gum".

Fans flank a chest in this medium-sized square of a room. Open the chest to
get the *Gum Base*. The tranquilness doesn't last long since Misery and
Balrog show up to cause mischief. Misery turns Balrog into a huge frog!

Boss #4: Balrog (what, is this number 3?)
Don't worry, even though his size may be intimidating, he's just a big
pussy (hmmm, shades of Symphony Of The Night:) He likes to jump aroud a
lot, shaking the screen. Everytime he does this a small frog will fall from
the ceiling. They aren't threatening in the slightest since any weapon can
easily kill them. Use the fans on either side of the screen to jump over
the boss. When he opens his mouth to attack shoot him. He can only be
damaged when he has his mouth opened. Use missiles first before crossing
over to the fireball launcher. When he jumps straight up he'll cause a
whole lotta frogs to fall on his landing. Kill them and continue to fight
the boss. When he's toast, exit the room.

*Gum Base Info*
A clump of gum.

Go back to the robot and talk to him. He'll take the Charcoal, the
Jellyfish Juice (if you've been following the guide you should have one,
if not...) and the Gum Base and give you the *Explosive* in return. Now we
can destroy the evil door and liberate the owner of the mysterious voice
from it's evil doorway-barring practices.

*Explosive Info*
An explosive for blowing up doors
and such.

EXPLODE! (or similar explosion sound) So that's who was behind the door.
Kazuma's buddy Professor Booster teleports in to join the fun. Does this
more mysterious man know you? If he does he's not letting on. Follow them
out of the room.

Aw no fair! You two get to use the hoverbike but I don't? Hey, don't run
me down! Jerks. Oh well, time to backtrack to the Mimiga Village. Observe
the smoking wreck. That'll teach 'em.

Arthur's house
A happy reunion? Major plot points revealed. Use the teleporter and proceed
to the Sand Zone.

Sand Zone
Who's that? Nevermind she walked away. Go left and up the shaft, killing
the insects as you go. Shoot through the star blocks and enter the

Sand Zone Residence
It's that girl again, and she seems to have Mimiga friends. It seems we
have a case of mistaken identity, but before we can explain ourselves we
are dragged into a drunken bar fight.

Boss #5
Shoot everything. Don't use missiles since the girl has a shield that
blocks them. So use the other weapons (the Fireball is good here). When she
charges up her gun jump just before she fires to avoid all the shots. If
you jump over her as she charges she can change direction to hit you. The
Mimiga's only purpose is to annoy and damage you so swat them out of the
way. It's not a difficult fight at all.


Answering no to Curly's question will make her happy. She even offers you
her *Machine Gun* though if you want to get the Charge Shot or the Snake
later on in the game you can always refuse. If you refuse you can ask her
again if you change your mind.

*Machine Gun Info*
An automatic rapid-fire gun.
Automatically recharges over time.

This is a very handy weapon. It shoots really fast and can cut through
enemies with ease on levels 2 and 3. But since it replaces the Polar Star
you won't be able to get the Charge Shot or the Snake later on in the game.
At level 3 it adds kick-back to your shots when you jump so it can be used
as a rudimentary jetpack. Even thought the ammo recharges watch it doesn't
run out from excessive firing (the recharge rate is only at a medium

Level 1 - small, weak bullets. Great range.
Level 2 - longer bullets.
Level 3 - huge bullets, good damage. Acts as a jetpack in mid air.

Talk to all the Mimigas then Go Into the Small Room to save and to pick
up the *Puppy*. Doesn't he look all cute sitting on your head like that.
Then it's back to the Sand Zone.

*Puppy(Hajime) Info*
Jenka's pet and leader of the dogs.
While searching for his brothers, he
got lost and was taken in by Curly.

Sand Zone
The only way is right. Destroy any star blocks in your way and eventually
you'll come across some large spinning blades. They are a good source for
power-ups and getting any weapons that aren't at level 3 up to max. You'll
find a *Life Capsule* here too. If the piles of bones in the sand aren't
enough warning stay off the sand unless you have good reflexes.

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 5!

After the last sand pit you will see a block with a paw print on it at the
top of the screen. You can either walk through it to find a Save Point or
take the lower spike filled path (these spikes won't kill you, but they
sure do sting). You now come across a large sand pit with lots of star
blocks and some more of those spinning blades. This part's easy to get
through. When you come to the final wall of star blocks don't get too
carried away blasting them, the killer robots kind of blend in. The large
sandy area ahead is safe to walk on (phew!). But now it's time for a boss.

Boss #6: Omega
This guy tunnels out of the ground and shoots lots of stuff out of his
head. These are easily destroyed. When his eyes are open shoot him (a good
place to test out that new Machine Gun if you have it). Don't bother with
missiles, it just takes too long. When he starts to jump around scoot
underneathe him and commence firing. Before too long he will be toast.

Defeated Omega!

Now for the trek back to the left. Ooh, a new route to take. Let's
proceed shall we?

It's not necessary to kill any of the bouncing skulls but if you like to
be destructive I won't stop you. Take the small opening to the left to
wind up at Jenka's House.

Jenka's House
Talk to old lady Jenka and she'll thank you for returning her dog. But then
Balrog comes along...but he buggers off quickly. Off to find the other four
dogs then.

Sand Zone
Let's go for the first one, go up until you see a block with a paw print on
it. Destroy the star blocks that are in the way and toddle along until you
get to it. The dog is in the chest. Get the *Life Capsule* too. Now return
the dog to Jenka. Returning a dog to Jenka will also reveal more about the
Mimigas and the Red Flowers.

*Puppy(Mick) Info*
Jenka's pet. Loves treasure-hunting.
Or treasure *chests*, rather, and
recently has taken up sleeping in them.

*Life Capsule Info*
max health increased by 5!

Move down the shaft now (you can destroy the mass of star blocks to the
right if you need health or missiles) and when you get to the bottom head
right. You'll see some pesky birds carrying those bouncing skulls, kill one
and the other will move to attack you. When you get to the two blocks with
the paw prints on them jump through and head around to the Deserted House.
Damn, the dog ran inside.

Deserted House
This room is entirely dark. Your Map System will show you the correct way.
Avoid the sand pit like you've done previously. Once you've nabbed the
dog, return it to Jenka.

*Puppy (Shinobu) Info*
Jenka's pet. Loves dark places. Due
to poor eyesight, he roams the darkness
using his wild instincts alone.

This one is easy to find, but you gotta have quick wits in order to catch
him. He's at the end of the sandy part at the bottom of the area.

*Puppy (Kakeru) Info*
Jenka's pet. Adores bones and has
buried them in countless places,
most of which are by now forgotten.

The final dog is easy to find, just get to the end of the area and you'll
find her asleep. Kill all the pesky enemies and watch out for the spikes.
Returning the final dog to Jenka but Balrog has beaten you there and
stolen the key to the Storehouse! Jenka does give you a *Life Pot* to
help you out, so now it's off to kick the bad guy's arses. Get back to
where you found the last dog and shoot the star blocks to reveal a Save
Point and a health and missile refiller. Then go into the Storehouse.

*Puppy (Nene) Info*
Jenka's pet. Spends most of her time
asleep, but her dreams have been
known to portend the future.

*Life Pot Info*
This will restore your life,
but only once.

Sand Zone Storehouse
In what is the longest cutscene so far, we learn of how evil the bad guys
really are. Just as Balrog is trying to feed Toroko one of the red flowers
King appears and takes care of him. Then King attacks the Doctor and
Misery but fails in his attack. You appear on the scene but the Doctor
gets away and you have to take on an enraged Toroko.

Boss #7: Frenzied Toroko
The first boss that poses a challenge. She jumps around throwing blocks at
the apex of her jump, which then shatter when they hit a solid surface and
release harmful flowers (though those can be destroyed). At times the boss
will stand whilst throwing blocks at you, but only if you have a good
distance between the two of you. Now the best way to tackle her is to keep
her on screen at all times so you can see just what she's doing. Jump
before she throws the blocks so that she keeps tossing them into the air,
leaving you time to stand and rapidly fire off missiles. When you are out
switch to the second most damaging weapon you have. It's really all about
timing your jumps to keep the blocks away from you.

An alternate strategy is to stand a short distance away so you can run
under her when she jumps and avoid the blocks. She'll just keep jumping
and you'll just keep running underneath. When she lands, shoot at her. You
can easily kill her this way, very quickly if you have the Machine Gun.

After this fight is over, talk to King to hear his last words. You should
take his *Blade* since it's the most powerful weapon aside from the Charge
Shot when fully powered up. Exit the Storehouse.

Sand Zone
Huzzah! Splat! Ambushed, and now you get captured by the enemy.

*Blade Info*
A single-shot, high-damage weapon.
King's soul dwells within.

Words cannot describe how handy this weapon is to have around. It is very
damaging especially on level 3. This is one weapon that you definitely want
to have, it's great for killing bosses (it's great for killing anything).

Level 1 - fires a small blade, great range. Excellent damage.
Level 2 - fires a larger blade. Smaller range but more damage.
Level 3 - fires the spirit of King. Excellent damage. When King hits an
enemy, more blades will appear in the area around him, slashing multiple

Labyrinth I
Well since we are dumped into a dank cell the only thing to do is escape
right? Make your way to the top (careful, those enemies shoot at you).
You'll find a *Life Capsule* on your ascent. When you get near to the top
blocks will start to move out of the walls. Time your jumps carefully and
try not to get crushed. The console up here opens the door below.

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 5!

Labyrinth H
Well it seems that the blue guys couldn't escape. Kill the Gaudi then
follow the path around and dodge the moving block. Use the last moving
block to get to the door.

Labyrinth W
Prison break! Slaughter everything that gets in your way and enter the

Labyrinth Shop
Labyrinths have shops now? Lucky these Gaudis aren't hostile, though it's
not like they're a problem for a fighting robot of your calibre. Talk to
all the Gaudis here. Chaba (the Gaudi behind the counter) will give you an
item. If you have the Polar Star he'll take it and the Fireball and give
you the *Snake* in return. If you don't want the Snake then answer no to
his question. If you don't have the Polar Star (you either gave it to Curly
or you came back here after getting the Charge Shot) you'll get another
item. When you're done here exit the room and continue escaping.

*Snake Info*
Penetrates through walls.
Made by Chaba in the Labyrinth.

The Snake is just absically a Polar Star that can shoot fireballs. Since it
can shoot through walls it comes in handy in a lot of places (like in the
secret stage) and it's always useful to be able to hit enemies hidind
behind walls. At levels 2 and 3 it's fire pattern will be similar to how
a snake moves along the ground, which is where the weapon gets its name.
Personally, I think it's better to stick with the Machinegun or Polar Star.

Level 1 - green fire square. Same range as Polar Star level 1. Ok damage.
Level 2 - orange fire quare. Slightly more range.
Level 3 - blue fire quare. Great range. Great damage.

Labyrinth W
Use the Gaudis here to power up your weapons. To the right you'll encounter
annoying flying Gaudis who shoot at you so take 'em out quickly. Get past
the Gaudis and enter the door.

Talk to the physician to get a refill of health for free. The only thing he
asks in return is that you get him something from the old Clinic (ok, maybe
it wasn't free) so he gives you the *Clinic Key* to get in. The nurse here
will tell you she used to work in the Clinic but since it was taken over
by ghosts... Curly is here too. Use the Save Point if you want and exit the
Camp, we'll worry about the unreachable chest later.

*Clinic Key Info*
It says "Labyrinth Clinic".

Labyrinth W
Make your way up. Only players who have the Machine Gun can get to the star
block at this stage but you don't need to go there just yet. Instead go to
the door on the left of the shaft.

Clinic Ruins
Open the chest and get the *Cure-All*.

*Cure-All Info*
Apparently this cures
anything and everything...

Boss #8
Ah! It's necro Balrog! (not really). Everytime you shoot him he lets off
a few bubbles in order to protect himself. Keep shooting him till he leaps
off the screen. He'll then try to crash onto your head. You can usually
tell when he's about to do this since the bubbles give him away. When you
start to see them move out of the way or he'll squash you. Start with
missiles, then change to the Blade (better have it at level 3 for this job)
and he'll be dead before he knows it.

Take the Cure-All back to the physician before continuing on.

Labyrinth W
Get rid of all the Gaudis then make your way upwards as before, only this
time jump off to the right passage. You'll need to get on top of the moving
block here so stand under it so that it starts to move towards you. When it
gets close enough jump out to the right then hold left and you should make
it. The next moving block is easy to get past. Move past the large machine,
killing Gaudis as you go and you'll soon hit another boss.

Boss #9: Monster X
First things firts, get rid of any Gaudis in the passageway. This boss
poses your first real challenge, be prepared to continue a few times. Stay
on the treads. When it starts to change direction jump to another tread or
there's a good chance you'll be knocked off (and run over). When it stops
and opens up use level 3 missiles on the four green circles inside, you'll
take out the purple shots this way (and probably more than one circle).

When the four green circles are gone it'll start to fire homing shots at
you. They can be destroyed for power-ups and hearts. Use any remaining
missiles then switch to the sword because of the insane damage it deals. If
you get hit and lose your level 3 sword switch to the Machine Gun or the
Snake to finish up, although even a level 2 sword still does good enough
damage to kill it off for good.

Defeated Monster X.

After Monster X has bitten the dust, continue right.

One of your friends drops in. Your actions here depend on how you finish
the game. If you fall down and talk to the Professor. He'll give you the
*Booster v0.8* which you will have to equip in the item screen. If you get
the Booster v0.8 you won't be able to get the Booster v2.0 later on in the
game, which also means you won't be able to get to the secret stage either.
So how the dickens do we get the Booster v2.0? See that red mark on the
block, you can exit through the door to the right out if you tahe the jump
from where the mark is. It might take you more than one attempt to get
there so use the Save Point above before you jump in case you mess up.
Whichever choice you make you'll have to take the door anyway so let's
go and mess up the bad guy's plans.

*Booseter v0.8 Info*
Push the jump button again in
midair to fly even higher.

The booster is a very handy item to have. It'll give you some excellent
height, but since it's only v0.8 it seems unfinished.

Going through the right door will lead you to a dead-end with a large
boulder in it. Curly is here too so talk to her. She wants to get out of
this place as much as you do so stand on the left side of the boulder and
examine it. But you're both not strong enough (ah robots, they don't make
'em like they used to). Huzzah! Balrog appears to fight you.

Boss #10: Balrog (doesn't this guy just give up)
Balrog must prescribe to the school of explosions=better, but he must have
fallen asleep in class since his attacks don't do shit. Shoot him, shoot
the missiles (or just jump between 'em) and don't get stepped on or grabbed
at close range.

Defeated Balrog!

After he's done moving the boulder for you, open the chest to get the
*Super Missile* then save your game and exit through the once hidden door.

*Super Missile Info*
An exhilirating sort of missile.
Its acceleration is unmatched.

These missiles are much more powerful and much faster than the regular
missiles. Since they still have the same effects as the regular missiles
only tougher I'll refrain from posting the level info.

Labyrinth M
Time to destroy the nest of monsters! You'll encounter a new type of Gaudi
here - sword weilding Gaudis! There are also fans that float in midair and
shoot blasts of energy at you. But at least you have Curly helping you.
Destroy everything in sight and go right and when you get to the shaft fall
down. You have to go left now so do so. Use the sword to kill the blue
spawners, they are quite profitable for power ups. Try to stay out of the
water since it will only slow you down and it's hard to jump out of it.
use to console to make the platform dissappear. Watch out for the spikes
on the wall. The teleporter here isn't really needed since it just sends
you back to the Labyrinth Shop. If you have the Booster v0.8 you can take
the teleporter then go to where that star block was outside the Clinic.
Use the booster to jet up to where it is and walk through the wall. You'll
find a door in the wall which leads to the unreachable chest in the Camp.
It contains *Arms Barrier*. Teleport back and continue to the right past
the floating things and through the door.

*Arms Barrier Info*
When you take damage, the amount
of weapon energy lost will be halved.

Dark Place
You can't go through the tiger head so take the door to the far right.

Jump up to and operate the console to open the shutters. The fourth
shutter is stuck so blast it until it moves again. You can't get through
the final shutter so go back to the console and use it to lower the lift.
Take the lower passage (don't worry, you'll make it before you even come
close to drowning) and operate the console here. Go all the way back and
then through into the large room. Now if you want to get to the secret
level you'll have to go the the bottom right-hand corner of the large room
to where the sparkling bit is to get the *Tow Rope*. This item is entirely
optional, it's just dependent on whether you want to get to the secret
level or not.

*Tow Rope Info*
A tow rope for robots.

Now go and talk to Curly who's looking at a busted robot. Before you even
have a chance to retreat the shutter closes behind you and you must take
out what the robots were originally fighting!

Boss #11: Island Core
It might be big, but as with the frog don't let that intimidate you. Don't
let the rising and falling water level put you off either. It's best to
stay on the top platforms since that's almost the only place you will
even have a hope of touching it. It can only be damaged when the face on
the large body lights up blue. Shoot lots of missiles here. The smaller
bodies will fire spinning energy discs at you but you can take them out
with a couple of shots. You better have your Blade at level 3 for this
fight. When the boss pushes you back with the current he'll get ready to
fire 3 large energy shots at you so dodge them and get back on those
platforms. Curly also helps you here don't forget. It won't be long before
this boss runs out of puff.

Then Misery and the Doctor show up and teleport the Core away and leave
both you and Curly to drown. Everything goes black, but suddenly you can
breathe again. Curly has given you her oxygen bubble. If you got the Tow
Rope you can take her with you, otherwise she'll have to stay behind. Time
to go back to the Dark Place.

Dark Place
The tiger head is open now so take it.

After landing go left. Kill all the enemies and jump over the first water
pipe. The Booster v0.8 makes this area a little easier but even without
it doesn't prove a hassle. When you can't go left any more drop into the
water and continue. Be careful when riding the currents since it is quite
easy to bump into the spikes. Use the Blade (level 3) to take care of the
jellies or use missiles instead. When you get to the door, you know what
to do.

Waterway Cabin
There's a Save Point here. If you have Curly with you rest on the bed.
After you've rested operate the computer then look at the bookcases. You'll
learn how to treat flooded robots. Go drain the water from Curly then talk
to her 3 more times. Don't leave her there, take her with you then exit
the room.

Submerge yourself and take the currents around. Be careful of the spikes
and soon you'll be taken out.

Main Artery
Something approaches...

Boss #12
Well it seems that after Ika-chan was over this guy was in need of a new
job.The puffer fish are only dangerous when the puff out their spines so
destroy them and grab the power ups they leave behind. The boss will shoot
3 red energy blasts at you when he gets behind you but these are easily
avoided. Dodge the floating blocks that will try to crash into you. Shoot
at the boss with any weapon you have and he'll go down easily.

After he's dead and gone Curly floats away and you end up back at the
Reservoir in the Mimiga Village.

Exit through the door to the right.

Mimiga Village
Everyone has disappeared. If you don't have the Booster v0.8 go to Arthur's
House and head towards the teleporter. Professor Booster appears and gives
you the *Booster v2.0* which you will need for the secret level. Now exit
back to the Mimiga Village if you want the Spur. You'll need the Polar Star
to get it so those of you who don't have it may skip this next part and
use the teleporter to go to the Labyrinth.

*Booster v2.0 Info*
Push the jump button in midair and
you can move in any direction.

Even better than the Booster v0.8. Instead of only being able to jet
upwards, you can jet in 4 directions in midair, even changing direction if
you have any boost left. You'll need this for the secret stage.

Mimiga Village
Those of you who haven't got the Polar Star anymore can skip this next
part. Use whatever Booster you may have and explore the platform at the top
of the area. See that door at the top left, we need to go there.

First Cave
Go back to the tiger head that the Hermit Gunsmith resides in.

Hermit Gunsmith
The Hermit is awake now and is quite displeased at you for stealing his
weapon. But he lets you keep it anyway. Or lets you keep it after he has
finished it. You now have the *Spur*. Exit the room.

*Spur Info*
Hold down the button to fire a laser.

This is the most powerful weapon in the game. It also acts differently to
all the other weapons in that you don't need to use power ups to make it
strong. You hold the button to charge the gun and let it go when it gets to
the power level you want. It just eats bosses at max charge.

Level 1 - polar Star level 3 shot.
Level 2 - thin laser.
Level 3 - two thin lasers stacked vertically.
MAX     - hyper damaging thick laser.

First Cave
There are a lot more enemies than usual in the cave. A perfect place to
practice with your new weapon. Get back to the Mimiga Village.

Mimiga Village
Go to Arthur's House now.

Arthur's House
Use the teleporter to go the the Labyrinth.

You teleport in at Labyrinth B. Jet aup and left and get through the door.
Those sword-wielding Gaudis are here too! Take 'em all out as well as the
flying Gaudis and make your way left. Get back to the Labyrinth Shop and
talk to Shaba. He,She,it will give you the *Whimsical Star*. Since we are
finished here (unless you need to get to the chest in the Camp to get the
Arms Barrier) we can go all the way back to Arthur's House.

*Whimsical Star Info*
A little trinket you got from
Chaba in the labyrinth.
A whimsical star.

The Whimsical Star will cause 3 small stars to orbit you, causing damage
to whatever they hit. Take note that the damage is very minor.

Arthur's House
Use the teleporter to get to the Egg Corridor.

Egg COrridor
WTF happened here? Talk to the blue robot to find out. Just like when you
first entered the Egg Corridor go right. You will have to contend with
falling stalagtites as well as a few Sky Dragons, but they don't pose
much of a threat. At the place where egg no. 12 was there is a chest which
will increase your missile count. When you get to the gas cloud either
destroy it quickly or shoot at it once and take cover, the explosion is
pretty big. In order to get into the old Egg Observation Room you have to
take the busted window. But two Sky Dragons await inside.

Boss #13: The Sisters
After opening the chest to get the missiles these two dragons appear. Stay
on the platform and When one of them opens its mouth, shoot. Shoot it
enough times and it will look a bit concussed, you can still get though. If
they shoot fire at you extinguish the flames with extreme prejudice. After
an easy fight they'll both die and leave you alone. If you have the Spur
you can even kill them both before they even attack.

Beat the Sisters!

You can't exit through the door, instead go through the window on the

Egg Corridor
Go along, slaying Sky Dragons and swatting flies. When you get to the end
use the Save Point and then use the other door.

Egg No. 00
Seems the egg has hatched. Use the computer to see that the hatching of the
egg was successful and Kazuma will show up. If you want the bad ending,
answer yes to Kazuma's question. But if you want to soldier on answer no.
After answering what your heart desires, follow him outside.

Outer Wall
My favourite area of the game. It just has to be seen, I couldn't gush
enough words about it. If you answered "yes" to Kazuma's question, talk to
him here and you will both escape to the bad ending. You can get another
optional item here, just drop off the ledge and jet left onto the lower
platforms (watch you don't fall to your doom). There is a door here.

Little House
Talk to the little people here, seems they are missing someone. Wasn't
there a little person in the Mimiga Graveyard... Exit the room.

Outer Wall
The only way to go is up. Near the block with the clock on it is a door
that leads to the Clock Room (it's marked by a section of a fence next
to the wall).

Clock Room
This chest can only be opened by those who have the Booster v2.0 and who
tokk Curly with them after the battle in the Core. You'll get the
*Nikumaru Counter*. Exit the room when you're done.

*Nikumaru Counter Info*
A fully automatic stopwatch.
You can't see any buttons.

Outer Wall
Continue up the wall. When you get to the sand pits don't step on them
(remember the Sand Zone?). It's straightforward from here, just keep
climbing and eventually you'll come to a door.

Try to convince Itoh that you aren't a killer robot. Talk to him to hear
his story. Then exit out the left door.

This place is really big. Drop down and find the passage leading down.
Curly is sitting on the bed next to that cosplayer. I thought we'd seen
the last of him. Curly doesn't seem to remember you but talking to the
cosplayer will reveal how to get her memory back. Get back up to the door
you came in and go left. Ignore the door that is in the ground, we'll be
back to deal with it later. You don't need to attack the big yellow guys
here, they only attack if provoked. The next door you come across you
should enter it but for now keep going left, then up past Jail No. 2 until
you find a *Life Capsule*. Now go back down to that door I said you should

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 4!

Jail No. 2

Rest Area
Talk to the fishing Mimiga and follow him out of the room. Go back to
where Curly was but instead of falling down the passageway go left to
where the water is. Kill the mosquitoes and avoid the Gunfish, eventually
you'll come across the fishing Mimiga. Talk to him then take a look in his
bucket, you'll get the *Teleporter Room Key*. So go left over the Gunfish
and open the door with your new key.

*Teleporter Room Key Info*
A key fished out by a certain

Try and use the teleporter and the big yellow guy will crush you, then
you'll get thrown in the clink.

Jail No. 1
Now we have to bust out of jail. Again. Talk to the Mimiga twice then take
the secret passage in the water back to the Plantation.

Don't go up where the red signs are, killer robots will crush you. Instead
go back to the Teleporter where you got your arse knocked out.

Arthur's Room
Exit to the Mimiga village.

Mimiga Village
Get to the Graveyard.

We can use the Booster to get to that inaccessible door now.

Talk to the mushroom. Answer "yes" to his first question. He'll ask you if
you want the *Mushroom Badge* for which you should answer "yes". He'll then
keep asking if you want it so answer appropriately. Look at it in your
inventory. I guess you didn't really need it. Talk to him again and he'll
fight you!

*Mushroom Badge Info*
The mushroom badge you got from the
mushroom. It has no real use. To be
honest, you don't really need it...

Optional Boss: Mushroom
He jumps around like a mad Mimiga so shoot him lots of times. When he
charges at you he is invincible so leap over him. When he impacts with the
wall a lot of rocks will fall from the ceiling. When his health starts to
get low he'll jump off the top of the screen and a multiple blue mushrooms
will fall down. Shoot them all until you find the boss. The Spur makes this
fight a breeze.

You win......

Now you get the *Ma Pignon*. Let's go back to the Plantation.

*Ma Pignon Info*
Allegedly, it has the power to
restore memories...

Get the mushroom to Curly. SHe'll remember everything (as well as your
name!). Talk to her again to get the *Iron Brace*. Now that that is all
done, go to where the door in the ground was, you'll have to jump into the
wall and find the secret passage around to it. You will need a password to
get in the door. Remember how Sue stuck something in your pocket while you
were out of it? Read *Sue's Letter* then open the door.

*Iron Brace Info*
Your tie to Curly Brace, the only
warrior you would trust your back to.
Surely you will meet again one day...

*Sue's Letter Info*
This is Sue

I don't believe I ever told
you much about all of us.

We came to this island from
the surface on a research trip.

Prof. Booster was on our
helicopter, and so was my
mother, my brother,

various assistants...
The Doctor as well.

He was there to serve our
medical needs, and did so...

At least, until he found
the Demon Crown...

That crown, once the property
of the master of this island,

grants monstrous magical
powers upon its wearer...

The Doctor knew this even
before coming to the island,

which is why he wormed his
way into our group in the
first place.

Once he had the Crown in
his possession, no one could
stand up to him.

We had no choice except to
continue our research of the
island under his orders.

The Doctor seeks to rule the
Earth's surface using the
island as a base.

I think he plans to first
attack the surface using
the Mimigas as weapons.

Anyway, I was able to get away
somehow, but I fear the other
researchers are already...

Now, he's using the unsusepecting
Mimigas to cultivate more and
more red flowers.

Once he is ready to attack, he will
drive the Mimigas into a murderous
frenzy using the flowers.

Using his terrible powers,
he will be able to control the
raging Mimigas to do his bidding.

And that means I, too, will...

If you can escape fom the
cell, look for the hideout hidden
in the plantation.

If my mother is yet safe,
she'll be there, coming up
with a counterplan.

Please. Help my mother.

The password is
"Litigano Motscoud".

The letter ends here...

Talk to Momorin and answer "no" to her question. She'll take whatever
Booster you have but give you a *Mimiga Mask* as a trade. You will now have
to get one of those Sprinklers. The door on the right leads to the Save
Point below. Back to the Plantation.

*Mimiga Mask info*
A Mimiga mask Sue's mother made.
It's a bit big...

You can now talk to all the Mimigas. Remember what imprisoned Mimiga no. 3
says, "Doctor Dumb can go screw himself". Talk to the 2 Mimigas on the far
left, next to the *Broken Sprinkler* then go and pick up the sprinkler.
Take this around to the Rest Area.

*Broken Sprinkler Info*
A busted water sprinkler.

Rest Area
Talk to all the Mimigas, especially the one next to all the working
sprinklers. Exchange your broken one for a working *Sprinkler*. Now exit.

*Sprinkler Info*
It's brand new. ...Perhaps.

Go back to where Sue's mother is.

Show the Sprinkler to Sue's mother. Now go and talk to Itoh.

Surely you haven't forgotten where Itoh is? To the right and through the

Talk to Itoh and get the *Controller*. Exit the room.

*Controller Info*
Necessary to make a rocket.
Pride of Itoh, the cowardly man.

Yep, back to Sue's mother.

Give the Controller to Sue's mother. Then take a rest in the bed. When you
awaken, both Sue's mother and the rocket are gone. Exit the room.

Itoh and Sue's mother are standing next to the rocket. Talk to both and
you'll get your Booster back (but you'll have to give up the Mimiga Mask).
Stand on top of the rocket and examine it to blast off. Jump off just
before you get to the killer robots and talk to the dog to get a *Life
Capsule*. Now let's do one final thing before we take the rocket again.
Go to the Teleporter

*Life Capsule Info*
Max health increased by 5!

Use the teleporter to get to Arthur's House.

Arthur's House
Exit to the Mimiga Village.

Mimiga Village
Now go to the Graveyard.

Remember the little man? Talk to him and pick him up. Now we have to take
him back to his family. You do remember where it is, right?

*Little Man Info*
Hey! We there yet?

Little House
Talk to the little man you took home and he'll offer a trade: your Blade
for his fabulous weapon. It's best to have the Bubbler on you since he'll
trade you for that instead. If you don't have the Bubbler at this point,
going back and getting it won't alter his decision for the trade. The gun
that you will get is the *Nemesis*. When you're done here go back to the

*Nemesis Info*
Lightning of the Goddess.
For advanced players.

For advance players is right since this gun is another one that differs
from the rest of your arsenal. It starts out powerful but as it powers up
it gets weaker? Strange, strange.

Level 1 - a blue and yellow blast. Great range, quite powerful.
Level 2 - a small green blast. Not that much weaker.
Level 3 - ducklings. Yes, ducklings. Weedy power, stay away.

Now take the rocket to to get to the top of the stage. You will need to
use the Save Point here in case you are unhappy with how you do the next
area. Take a deep breathe and enter the door.

Last Cave/Last Cave (Hidden)
Depending on previous events (whether you completed the conditions for the
secret stage) this area will be vastly different. If you skipped all the
stuff that lets you get to the secret stage then this area shouldn't pose
much difficulty, but if you are able to get to the secret stage then think
of this as a taster. All your weapons drop to level 1! There's a lot of
nasty spikes all over the place! And there's lots of red stuff that will
damage you. I hope you're good with the Booster v2.0. You'll find that the
Spur is infinitely useful here. There is also a boss here.

Optional Boss: Red Clay Figure
Red Clay Figure attacks like the Orange Clay Figures at the Plantation in
that he'll throw his arms at you. Problem is he throws three of them one
after the other. All you really have to do is dodge around the area
shooting him whenever you can (you guessed it, the Spur works wonders here)
until he is dead.

When he is dead he'll leave a chest behind with a *Clay Figure Medal*.
Continue through this tough cave. In the last dash to the exit look out
for the killer robots in the ceiling.

*Clay Figure Medal Info*
Small and profoundly heavy.
It has no use.

Daylight. This area is similar to the Outer Wall in looks and sound so it
automatically becomes my second favourite area. Go to the right, the
Doctor has already begun feeding the Mimigas the red flowers. Put them down
for good and continue on past the helicopter into the building.

Prefab Building
You will definitely need the Save Point in here. Rest too whilst you're at
it. Read the bookcase to learn of the island's interior. Does that somehow
hint at an unexplored area? Leave the room.

Right we must go. Bump into an old friend and use the same tactics as you
did on him before. When you get to the entrance to the right go upwards
first and you'll come across some much needed capsules that contain
power-up triangles. That's all, folks! Drop down and go through the

Throne Room
Now before you go all the way to the right make sure that you are fully
prepared since you will have to fight 3 bosses without any breaks in
between. First up is Misery who has finally begun to take you seriously.

Boss #14: Misery
Time to lay the smack-down on Misery. But she's just not going to float
there and let you hit her (though that would be nice) so she attacks you

- Shooting lots of circular projectiles at you (cannot be destroyed)
- Encircling herself with options (blocks your shots, cannot be destroyed)
- Summoning large blocks out of thin air to crush you
- Shooting three black globes that fire when you pass underneath them
- Teleportation

Whenever she flashes it she will attack, usually starting off with the
circular projectiles. When you cause her some damage she'll start to summon
her options which turn into bats when she teleports. Kill these for
power-ups and such. Start by shooting her with missiles but don't use all
of them up, you'll need a few for the upcoming fights. Switch to the
Machine Gun or the Snake. When she is down to about 1/4 of her health bar
she summons 4 options now insetad of 2. Use the block jutting out of the
wall to the left if you want to attack her but walking underneathe is a
better bet for damage. After a short fight she'll pack it in and sod off.
Again the Spur comes in real handy here.

Defeated Misery!

Follow your new pathway upwards.

The King's Table
All the Mimigas are locked in cages. It's time to finally confront the
Doctor and put a stop to him once and for all.

Boss #15: The Doctor
Time for some major arse-kicking. Just shoot him and step in between
the spiralling shots or jump over them if they are low enough. He'll
teleport around the place followed by the red jewel so try to guess where
he might appear (it's not hard). When he jumps into the air he'll shoot out
lots of red projectiles which bounce around a lot. Avoiding them is easy.
And whatever you do, don't touch the red jewel. He's actually a big pussy,
beating him ain't hard at all.

He then starts to freak out and mutates into some Mr. Hyde-style creature.
Instead of teleporting he jumps around the place so back up as you shoot
him or run underneathe him. Oh wait, he still teleports, but not as much as
the previous form. When he charges he can't be hurt, but you can so move
back or jump over him. He also likes to shoot lots of bats at you so kill
them since they are very annoying. And like in his first form don't touch
the jewel. The Spur makes both these fights easy as pie.

Defeated the Doctor!

We've only destroyed the mastermind so all that's left is to smash the
island out of the sky. Ascend once again.

Black Space
This is it, the final confrontation. Look at the Core just sitting there,
this should be a walk in the park. But Misery just had to get involved.
She tries to cut you a deal, even using Sue as a bargaining tool. But
before she can even think of doing anything the Doctor shows up! What, he
isn't dead yet? The Doctor mutates both Misery and Sue into hideous
weapons! And then he takes over the Core itself! Time to break out some
bargaining tools of our own.

Final Boss: Undead Core
Dealing with the Undead Core would be enough but we also have to contend
with two mutatnt freaks. Kill them quickly starting with Sue then Misery.
Then concentrate on the boss. He can only be damaged when his face glows
orange. When it looks like a skull it will drop bombs on the ground and the
ceiling which will travel in the direction you are. Stay on the smaller
floating bodies or the platform to the left and fire at him. When it looks
like he's smiling he'll shoot small helicle projectiles at you. These are
quite easy to dodge between. When he has lost almost all of his life his
mouth will open and he'll shoot three large projectiles straight forwards.
When you see him charge up get out of the way. He will also be atacking you
with grenades whilst he does this. Pound him with missiles. Or use the
ever-handy, super damaging Spur. You can even kill the Undead Core before
taking out his helpers.

Now RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Dodge the falling masonry, keep running. If you
have qualified for the secret stage then the door to the Prefab Building
will be open. But if you go in here then you won't be able to get back out.
If you decided not to go to the secret stage or can't then keep running
and jump off the island. What! You crazy?!

Just do it.