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Mirrored from on 29th Jan '08 by Terry.

A Guide to Kingdoms

V. 1.0.1

By Alexander Pritchard

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What this Guide Will Teach You:


Basic Kingdoms game play techniques. It has information on Races, and a Quick Reference area, in which some information is shown ^_~;; It’s also a small guide using my techniques, on how to beat Kingdoms, the fun way (meaning kill everything).

Let’s Start Off With The Basics:

Information on Races:

 Elven - The Weakest of All Races, Attack this race first

 Human - The Second Weakest of All Races - Be careful about attacking them. Although they’re weak, they multiply as soon as you first strike against them. Only attack them first if you are an Elf.

 Dwarfs - The 2nd strongest of all the Races.

 Orcs - The Strongest of all Races. Advantage over this race though, is that they basically put all their people to attack. Once you destroy their army the first time, very few soldiers ever join again.

Quick Reference (use this for reference if you ever need to):


Recommended Tax Percentages:

Army Rank

Tax Level






15 - 17%


25 - 29%







Very Good







95 - 99% (I hope you noticed a pattern...)

 Race Fighting Techniques:

Humans - Start out Small and Weak. Multiply around day 30 or until attacked. Then their numbers go around 100 soldiers.

Bravery Level: Medium/Low

Elfs - Start out Small and Weak, Remain Small and Weak...Pathetic Race. Rarely make the first move in war.

Bravery Level: Low

Dwarves - Generally a race similar to Elfs, but larger in numbers and strength. Somewhere around 100 - 153 soldiers are what you’ll see after a while.

Bravery Level: Medium

Orcs - The Violent Race of the game. They’ll often be the first to attack. They invest just about all of their funds into their army though at the beginning, but stop after a while. So if you do happen to beat their army, don’t expect another 200 guys knocking at your door ever again.

Once these guys start attacking you, invest more money into recruiting soldiers and start attacking the weaker races to increase the soldier’s strength if possible.

Bravery Level: Generally always go forward with the attack when high in numbers. Retreat easilly when low in numbers.



Hector (Dwarven dude who “beeld”s stuff) - One of My Favorite NPC’s. Don’t take his crap when he asks for more gold, he’s trying to rip you off ^_~;; He’ll build stuff for you. Keep the Dwarfs your allies with 50 gold gifts whenever they hate you if you want to keep this guy.

Princess (Human girl who..) - Attracts populace. Get her for 200 if you want more people in your race and fast. Keep friends with those pesky humans if you want to keep her.

Valg or whatever...The orc Dude - A retired General Commander or something. He’ll keep your army in shape. If you can afford this guy for 600 gold, I’d get him. I don’t know all the specs on him, because I don’t get him often. He may allow more soldiers to join you at once too.

RockWin (He’s a miner) - This guy is amazing. He’s definitely worth the 500 gold required to hire him if you can mine a ton before he leaves. What he does is mine again after you choose to mine. So let’s say you mine only 90 gold, he mines as well and may mine around 100 gold. You just made 70 gold profit right there. He’s a goldmine, so to speak ^_~;;


Thief (The one who the Kingdoms Accused) - Don’t let this jerk in. He’ll just steal from you ^_~;;

Grim Reaper - Dudes, hate this guy. Blight, disease, and your fort being diminished over time is all caused by him. When he’s near your race, I’d stock up on a little extra gold just in case he decides to mess with ya.


The Elven Wizard in Training - He’s a wizard in training who *can* cast a spell of protection over your race, which would prevent a lot of natural disasters from occurring, but he tends to burn down more than the natural disasters do. It’s all up to you whether you want to let him in or not.

Nandol - Dudes, I have no fricken idea what this guy does while he’s in your race’s city. No idea at all, but I assume good. Since I don’t know, he stays as a medium/not sure NPC.

 Natural Disasters:

Flood - This totally wipes out as much populace and fort and soldiers and everything else as it can. Once a flood hits you in a tight situation, you can kiss the game good bye ^_~

Fire - *sometimes* burns down a farm and maybe garrisons. Normally Minimal damage though.

Hurricane/Tornados - I’m pretty sure have a 100% chance of doing at least some damage. I’ve seen them always destroy at least one garrison or farm.

*Blight - Only Occurs when the Grim Reaper is seen near your race!!! Destroys around 10% of your total Food. Sometimes more.

*Fort Diminished Over Time - Only Occurs when the Grim Reaper is seen near your race!!! Lowers your fort’s hp.

*Disease - Only Occurs when the Grim Reaper is seen near your race!!! This destroys anywhere from low to high amounts of your population, including your soldiers.


 Alright. Here we are. This is an almost step by step guide on beating Kingdoms, almost guaranteed. I lose very rarely. Let’s begin.


Choose your race, for now Human.

 Humans are a decent race. You want to choose them to have the fun of destroying the Orcs eventually, and have the ability to attack the Elfs.


Build” 2 farms and 2 Garrisons IMMEDIATELY.

 Farms will feed your people. Garrisons will strengthen your army, and increase how many soldiers you can hold at once. About 50 per garrison. You can hold more though if you recruit a ton just before you hit 50.


Begin Recruiting Soldiers - Choose Soldiers, Recruit, offer no gold, and say yes. You gain a soldier a day this way.


Keep Recruiting Soldiers until you have around 35, and Raise Taxes when Population gets too high (above 140 usually) - If the population gets too high to where you’re losing too much food, raise taxes to 99% until the population gets around 99, then set the taxes back down to 2%. This should give you enough gold to pay that big old 2 or 3 gold a day you’re paying for your soldiers.

 Repeat the last step until you have 35 soldiers.


• Invade the Elven Race!


• Your Soldiers should be at Feeble now! Raise Taxes to 5%. This should pay for the soldiers daily!


Start Recruiting Soldiers until you have 100 - Offer 50 gold each time, and accept only when at least 14 new recruits want to join.


If you have a lot of cash, build enough farms to feed around 140 people.


• If you have enough people (around 140 or more) and are low on gold, raise taxes to 99 until the population is controlled and gold is high. 60 is the minimal population you ever want to hit.


Attack the Elven Race Again - Do this until they have no more soldiers and you begin killing their fort. DO NOT destroy their fort yet though! Just get it weakened.


Attack the Elven Race - You should now be at Weak in Rank. If not, attack them again. Raise taxes to 15%.


• You should now be making more money than you’re spending. Make a few days go by if you want and repair damages from natural disasters that may have occurred. Recruit more soldiers, build more garrisons, etc.

 If a flood occurred, you may not have enough supplies and such to make up for it using this very technique, I’m sorry ^_^;;


• You should attack the Elf now every now and then until you’re at Poor in rank. You can now destroy the Elf’s if you want. Raise taxes to 25% if Poor in rank.


• Recruit Soldiers using the previous techniques and such, until you have around 150. You can recruit more if you like, but doing this faster prevents the Orcs from starting to beat the crap out of you.


• Begin an attack or two on the Dwarves. Once they start attacking you back (if they live that long), just let them do their thing until your army ranks up once again. You should be at least Mediocre now. Raise taxes to 35% if mediocre or 45% if you’re Average.


• Destroy the Dwarves. Please try and keep your soldiers up. That’s a major mistake people make here. They’ll wipe out the Dwarves but their soldiers get down to 30 or 40 in the process. Recruit them all back until you have around 150 to 250.


• You should be around Average in Rank now (around 175 soldiers and 4 garrisons in total did the trick for me). 45% taxes now :D


• You should basically pwnz the game now. Gaining money very fast. I’d recruit soldiers until 250 of them. Building more farms and Garrisons as needed.


• INVADE THE ORCS!!! - The either have a huge army or none at all! The game’s yours!!!


• Do whatever you want. Just make sure you begin destroying orcs completely before day 180 to ensure killing all the races.


• Me, I personally get tons of money and train my soldiers until I’m a warlord, raise taxes to 99% (after building a garrison or two), and then go to the next step, all before day 180.


• Destroy the ORCS COMPLETELY.


• You win :D, or do you? :D