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Mirrored from on 1st Feb '08 by Terry.

(c) Michael Z. Gottlieb, 2002-3

I.    Contents

I.    Contents
II.   Game Controls
III.  Part I
      A. Story
      B. Walkthrough
IV.   Part II
      A. Story
      B. Walkthrough
V.    Part III
      A. Story
      B. Walkthrough
VII.  Creatures
VIII. Items
      A. Repeated / Cumulative
      B. Special
      C. Normal
      D. Permanent
IX.   Version History
X.    Contact / Legal Notice

II.   Game Controls

First of all, God of Thunder is a game intended for MS-DOS. It will work in
Windows as a full-screen application, on top of everything else on your
screen. If you want to minimize it, press Alt-Enter; this can also maximize it

The controls for God of Thunder are extremely simple. Escape will bring up the
menu, and either Space or Enter are used to select an option. Alt fires your
hammer.  Space is used to select an item. It will bring up a small window that
will have pictures of your items, with descriptions, that you can select from.
Control will use the item you have in your Item window; see a list of items in
Section VIII.

S saves your game, and L loads it. Use D to die at any time and restart the
room. You can also access these options from the menu.

The menu Escape brings up has many options:

Sound/Music - Select the sound and music settings.
 Set Sound: Sound can be on, from the speaker, or off.
 Set Music: Music can be on or off.
Set Skill Level - Set the enemies to smart, normal, or stupid AI.
Save Game - Save your game.
Load Game - Load a previously saved game.
Die - Restarts the room you're in.
Turbo Mode - Set speed settings for enemies
 Fast Mode: Set computer to slow or fast.
 Scroll Between Screens?: Scroll or just 'appear' in the next room.
Help - Tells you the controls, and a 'hint reference.' This is the number of
       the room you're currently in.

III. Part I

A. Story

(Note: This is the actual story in the game.)

The year is 927 A.D. (as mortals
reckon time) and the Almighty Odin
has summoned you, his faithful and
heroic son, to the great Hall of

"Thor, my son, your evil half-brother
Loki, The God of Mischief has once
again betrayed us. While I slept the
great Odinsleep, he managed to
subdue and take control of my beloved
land of Midgard.

He has acquired the aid of two of his
most fearsome allies:

Jormangund the Midgard Serpent, and

Nognir, Prince of the Underworld.

If you are not able to stop him now,
his control over Midgard will be so
complete that I, myself, may not be
able to oppose him and his two very
powerful accomplices.

To help you on your mission, I give
you my most trusted weapon:

    Mjolnir, the Enchanted Hammer

Made for me by the king of trolls,
and enchanted by my own power, it
will always return to the one who
throws it."

Now, armed with only your enchanted
hammer and considerable wits,
you must journey to Midgard and
destroy Jormangund!

            Hail Asgard!

Summary: Loki has taken over Midgard, and you must use your magical hammer to
destroy him and his two allies.

B. Walkthrough

When you start out, you will have no items and no magic. You will also have no
Jewels. Go up two screens; you will see 28 Jewels that you can grab. On the
upper left of the screen, you will see a hole. You can go up to these holes to
enter caves. This one has many bats, and also golden apples. These will heal
some of your health.

Go right and you will see a house. This house is guarded by a blue jewel door.
You need 10 Jewels to get through. Inside the house, there are plenty of Jewels
lying on the ground, and about 10 rats in the center. Use Mjolnir to destroy
them, and grab the Jewels and the crown in the center. This is worth 1000

Next, travel out of the house. Walk down and then left two screens. Here, you
will see some bitten apples. DO NOT TOUCH THEM. They will actually lower your
health. You should see a purple ball in the center. Touching or attacking the
purple ball will lower any raised stakes and raise any lowered stakes. This is
often essential to solving puzzles.

In the room north of here, you will see things you have not seen before. The
grey square blocks can be pushed to help solve other puzzles. On the red
arrows, you cannot travel in the direction opposite of the arrow. Also, the
green thing is a Worm. If you are in the row or column it is in, it will fire
deadly electric balls that will kill you instantly. To get past this, push the
grey blocks up as much as you can. The Jewels you got in the house will more
than cover the 100-Jewel toll for the red block. Collect the key and leave.

After you leave, go right twice. You will see a key door; use your key to get
through it. Then go down the hole. In the cave, shoot the purple orb to lower
the spikes. Go past, and touch the orb to lower the next set of spikes. Go
down. You will see 6 spiders. They can shoot at you when they face you, and
their shots kill you instantly. Wait until they go up from the bottom, and run
past each one. Go left twice, and then up to exit the cave.

Travel left. Get the treasure, and then hit the purple orb from behind the
lowered stump. Go down. First, defeat all of the skunks. Then, get the key by
pushing the lower wooden block up two squares. If you want to get the golden
apples in the upper left, hit the strange-looking bushes with your hammer. They
should explode. Pick up the Enchanted Apple. If you want, go to the lower right
and shoot the bush for access to a cave. Inside the cave are Jewels, magic,
golden apples, and a chest. This chest will give you 50 Jewels. Exit the cave,
then go down to your first town.

If you talk to the woman in the house next to the exit, she will tell you that
a hermit who lives southeast will help you find Jormangund. However, if you go
to him (just go south, south, then east) he will say he isn't going to tell you
anything unless he finds something very special to him. If you go south and
west, and then go into the house on the very left of your screen, the woman
will admit that she stole the hermit's doll. So, exit and go west and north
twice to find her house. You should see the doll in plain sight.

Take it back to the hermit and he will tell you to go to Relg's house so he can
fix the bridge leading to Jormangund. However, for Relg to fix the bridge you
must know its name. Go south and read the sign, and then go west twice and
north three times. Relg is downstairs, and offers to fix the bridge free of
charge. It's fixed before you get back!

Cross Creekin's Bridge, and go east and south. A hedgehog thing is running, and
you have to get rid of it to pass. But how? You can't yet, so go back to the

From the bridge, go south and west twice. Enter into Sorcery & Such; the owner
says you don't have enough magic. To get more, go east, north, west, and north
and enter into the square building. It may not look like much, but in the back
there is a green angel who will completely revive your magic. Also, you can
push the barrels to uncover a cave which leads to a small treasure room.

Anyway, go back to Sorcery & Such and the owner will offer to BUY your magic -
or, instead, trade for a key. You need the key - he'll even tell you that if
you say you want the jewels! You can use the key to open the keydoor in the
same screen as Creekin's Bridge. Go into the house.

This house has those one-hit-kill spiders again. But, also, you have to walk
through their paths! Kill the rats and then carefully trek to the Lightning
Power. So, go back to the screen to the right of Creekin's Bridge. Stand
against the bottom of the hedgehog's cage and use your Lightning Power to
destroy it. Use the Power again to activate the purple orb if the stakes are

Go south and kill the two birds, and go south and then east. Go west again, but
take the lower path, and then go west a second time. Go north, and push the log
to go into a cave. Hit the purple orb to go past all the spikes, and collect
the Shrub. You will need this to get past the giant troll guarding the screen
with a maze of rocks.

Return to the screen with the running hedgehog thing, and go west and south.
Some of the rocks can be pushed; use this to go south. Here is a giant troll;
give him the Shrub so you can pass. To the west are three other giant trolls.
They, however, throw rocks which will kill you instantly, so make sure to avoid
it. Go into the cave, and through it, to arrive at an island with SIX KEYS! So,
return to the place with six key doors (you should remember it...from the 3
trolls, east, north, north, east, south, south, east) and go through them.

North there are a few enemies, and north of this is a tough puzzle. The round
stones can be pushed, and will continue in one direction until they reach a
wall or an enemy. Push the left up, and quickly run to the right and push it
upwards also. You can run through the middle with the rocks acting as shields.
North of here, there is basically the same thing; push the rock left, and push
it up to use it as a shield. However, there is something different: If you let
it hit the rock you can't run behind it. Hit it while it's in motion to make it
go left, and exit to the west.

You can go east again, with the lower path, for the necessary key. Avoid the
enemies; there is a golden apple salesman to aid you after the key-door. Go
down the cave, and out the other side.

Here, there is a grey orb. When you touch it, the direction of the red arrow
will rotate. Make it pointing right, and then push both wooden blocks down as
far as they will go and exit. Keep firing at the purple orb from far away to
get the key, and then go right.

This is a kind of maze. There are many holes and caves, and they all lead
around. You have to find the two keys. The quickest way is to go right, then
north by the eastern exit, then north and east. Enter the cave on the very
south of the screen, and talk to the hermit for a key. Exit in the upper-left
exit. Then, go directly north and west. Grab the other key and leave through
the other exit. Go south, north by the east exit, and north again. Enter this
exit, and then walk through. Follow the path to victory, and enter the final
hole. Rejuvenate here, and then leave.

Before you do anything, go left and push the pushable log up to block the
worm's deadly attacks. Go back right, and push both round rocks left. Bring the
rightmost log right and then up so you can get the first key. Staying on the
top while travelling left, push the round rock left to block the worm and then
push the log left and down to block the other. Open this key door now. Hit the
purple orb once and the grey orb twice, and then push the lower round rock
right and down. Hit the purple orb and hit it left, then return and hit the
purple orb for a third time. Push the top rock right, down, and left, and then
get the second key and exit to the left.

Immediately get out of the way of the lower enemies by going left and up two
spaces. Dispose of the top one, then go near it. Hit your hammer down from one
space left of the red bush, and then quickly move right so the hammer is
trapped beside the bush. The elves should be killed quickly. Go south after
getting the treasure.

Push the left rock down. Now, push the log right two spaces and up two. Then,
push the right rock down, right, down, right, up, rght, down, and right. This
will block the right worm. Push the log along the same path, but only push it
as far as to block the left worm. Get the treasure if you want, then exit.

Go past the next room - no rush, it's easy. In the room after this, a blue
hedgehog thingy is hitting the purple orb for you. Walk past the stumps, but
be careful not to be impaled when they rise.

The room after that is no challenge either, but those unacquainted with the
hammer's homing ability may get lost. After getting rid of the skunks, go past
the two rows of stakes. Make sure the first are down. Stand near the 2nd from
left stake, shoot upwards, and go left. The hammer will come back and hit the
purple orb, letting you escape.

Move the stone block to about 8 pixels left of the worm and 8 pixels above the
stationary rock. Push the right rock to the left rock. Now, push the left rock
down, left, down, left, up. Push the stone block all the way left. Now, bring
the other rock down, left, down, left. It should be in the 2nd column to the
left. Push it up, and run behind it into the cave. Go through the cave and exit
out the other side.

Push the stone block closest to you down two spaces. Now, move the left of the
two down one and the right down two. Push the left one left until it is at the
intersection of the two left worms' firing lines, and push the other one right
until it touches the worm. Get the first one you pushed, and bring it so it is
right over the rightmost worm. Push the rightmost stone block up and hit the
purple orb. Go back to where you started and push the left stone block left all
the way. Now, out of the other two blocks on the left, push the left one down 3
spaces, the right one right and down, and the left down again. Go hit the
purple orb, get the key, and then finally exit. Revive yourself, and go to


Jormangund moves around on the right, sometimes spitting out fireballs. His
main attack is to strike horizontally; this deals you a lot of damage. In
order to defeat him, you must hit the back of his head with your hammer as it
comes back to you.

Since he strikes in the place where you spend a lot of time, you want to stay
in one place and move upward to strike then move back down. When he strikes,
the hammer should just be coming back. Move under him so he misses you but also
so the hammer hits him when he is about in the middle. Do this ten times and
you win.

VI. Part II

A. Story

(Note: This is the actual story in the game.)

  "Thor my son, You must now journey
   to the town of Milgrund. There you
   will find the information you need
   to locate Nognir, Prince of the

   He has enlisted the entire town and
   makes all male citizens work in the
   Teflor mines. Any man who will not
   work in the mine is imprisoned.

   Nognir uses Teflor to produce
   smaller versions of himself to
   use as weapons. These weapons are
   very deadly, as you will soon
   Even now, word of your courage
   and prowess is quickly spreading
   throughout the land.
   The people of Milgrund are eagerly
   anticipating your arrival. Among
   them you will find many allies.

   But alas, mighty Nognir is also
   expecting you. He has sent all of
   his henchmen and set many traps
   to stop you from reaching him.

   Go now and destroy the evil Nognir!

Summary: Nognir has taken over Milgrund, and you must defeat him.

B. Walkthrough

Remember the rainbow bridge you crossed after you defeated Jormangund? Well,
you start out on the other side. Go down and you reach your first puzzle.

Go right and push the block down to block the upper right worm from the left
side. Next, push the block this worm was blocking to block the left worm from
the top, and push it down. Now, push the block to the far left to block the
left worm from the right. Finally, push the other two blocks to the right to
block the two right worms and make a safe passage.

Go right, and then down. Travel through to the left, making sure to push the
log to simultaneously block both worms. Going down the tunnel reveals a
treasure-laden cave. Get the treasure and leave.

To the right, push the log up and go up, right, down. This room seems like a
difficult puzzle. However, if you are quick it is possible to nab the key
before the worm even shoots at you. Open the keydoor and go right.

Kill the green elf. Hit the purple orb, then leave to the left. Make sure you
have 300 Jewels. If you don't have enough, go up. Kill the hedgehog. Run just
to the right of the higher worm, in front of the lower one very quickly. You
will actually survive because the worm is so far away. Push the upper log
right, and go across the bridge and push the accessible log upward. Get the
chest and leave the room.

Fianlly, go back into the room you left. Go around and push a log up one space
to block the top worm. Now, push the log near the beginning between the key and
the worm. Get the key. Hit the purple orb from the right. Now, go all the way
to the right and push the log up. Hit the purple orb again, and push the log
right 4 spaces, down 2 spaces, and then left one space to block the bottom
worm. Escape!

First, kill all the hedgehogs. Go down the hole for a large cave. Go left, then
up. Outside, get the Power of the Wind, then go back down into the cave. Go
right on the bottom section. Go right again for a load of treasure, then go
left and through the door.

Back in the hedgehog room, go down. Push the stone block down about two and a
half spaces, and then go right. Push the upper-right-most boulder down to block
both right worms. Now go left. In the left hedges there are two oddly coloured
shrubs; hit them with your hammer to blow them up. Now, push the stone block to
the left all the way. Push the left boulder up and then left, and grab the key.
Now, use the right boulder, the one you havent used yet, and push it down. Run
along beside it to the left, and before it hits the doors push it right. It
should block the lower right worm from shooting at you. Finally, go down.

Immediately, enemies asault you. Destroy them all, or as many as you can,
before doing anything. Go around the nonpushable logs. Hit the white orb twice.
Push the bottom pushable log to the left, push the top one up twice, and then
push the bottom one down. Journey around and walk across the red arrow. Hit the
purple orb. Push the log here to the right as far as it will go, then get the
key and go to the left.

Fish will bombard you with ammo, so hit the purple switch and go down the hole.
Use the faeries to revive ourself before heading left, down, through a door,
through another door, up twice, and through a third door.

You find yourself in a dungeon full of money doors. You will need AT LEAST 180
JEWELS to get through this part. From the space directly to the right of the
hole, go down three spaces, right one, down one, right three, and then down all
the way. Be careful; if you don't walk exactly on the path you will clear other
doors. If you mess up, press D to die and restart the room.

Go down. There are two boulders; push one to the left and then down, and then
do so with the other. Walk down and push both right. Now, stand right under the
tunnel to the room at the right, touching the bottom wall. Shoot your hammer
left. Now, run upwards so that the hammer curves nd hits the purple orb. The
stakes will go up and down repeatedly. Run through. If you get impaled by them,
just start the room again.

To the right are six Old Trolls. Kill them and get the key, then go left and
up. This time, you need 220 Jewels. If you don't have that many, trek to the
hole and train for more Jewels. Travel from very close to the key door. Two
spaces to the left of the right wall, go up three and then right all the way.

Your first agenda should be to get the key on the bottom right. Move up on the
continually shifting red arrows, and unlock the first keydoor. Get the
treasure, but watch out because the X block is constantly trying to spike you.
Get the treasure to the upper left, and then continue by pushing the right
stone block up two spaces. Now, push that block two spaces right and down four
and a half spaces. Wait for the wooden spikes to recede, then push it right all
the way and get the key, and the goblet. Journey through the spikes near the
top and go to the right.

In this room, a herd of hedgehogs rush at you. Defeat as many as you can before
they hit you, then go down and left. Here, a woman tells you to beware the
guards. Go down to find yourself outside!

Down and left of the exit is "Andy's Armor Repair." Here, Andy will buff up you
armor. Leave, and go right twice, and you will find a restaurant. Insist you
have a reservation, and talk to the old man inside; he tells you that Surtur
will let you know where a mind control device called the "Hypno-Stone" is.

Go left, then down two spaces and go in the house. Here there is a cave; go in
and explore. At the end of the long and winding path you will find a pair of
Winged Boots and a key. Get them both and then leave the cave and the house.

Go down, around the house, right, and then up. Enter the house's doorway to
find faeries that will revive your health. In addition, there is a cave. Enter
the cave and exit into a house with a simple puzzle; get the key and the magic,
then leave the house.

Outside again, go through the key door and walk north. Go right and down twice,
and you will see the predicament the townspeople are in. Take to the man in red
near the middle of the screen. He will reveal a secret cave; enter.

Through the cave is a man, a slope, and a pattern of rocks, arrows, and holes.
He says that he has a shovel and good shoes but he doesn't know where to dig to
find Surtur. You don't have a shovel or good shoes, do you? You have to go back
through the cave.

After the cave, go up twice, left, and down, and then enter the house to heal.
Leave, then go down, left, up, and left again. Enter the house - Sammy's Shoe
Repair - and get your shoes shined and spiffed. Leave, and then go right, down,
and left, and enter in the lower house. There is a boy and a room shielded by a
key door. Enter.

The room is pitch black; all you can see are your eyes and your hammer. From
the entance: go up all the way, left all the way, up all the way, down a space,
right, down, right, up, left, up, right about four spaces, down, right, down,
right about 2 spaces, up, left, up, right, up, and left to find the shovel.
Find your way back, and leave the house.

Go right twice, up twice, right, down twice, through the cave, and up. Dig in
the middle of the arrows to find Surtur's Cave. The sign says "Back in Five
Minutes", so try to leave. Before you can, Surtur appears. Ask him where the
Hypno-Stone is, and then press Escape to leave the question box. Return,
through the cave, north twice, west, south twice, west, north, west, north
twice, and west. Dig around to find the Hypno-Stone. Cool.

Go down, left, and down to find a guard and a gate. Talk to, and hypnotize, the
guard, and exit to the left. Destroy the Skunks and then go down. To get to the
hole, push both side logs up and the middle one off to one side. You'll have to
do this twice. Go into the cave.

Kill the beetle and then shoot the purple orb. Go around and shoot it again
from close range. Then, enter the door at the top of the screen. Go right
twice, following the path.

Push the log down and then all the way left. Walk down, left, down twice,
right, down twice, and right until you can push the logs up. Push the right up
once and the left up twiec, then push the last log over to the left. Grab the
key and go down.

You obviously don't have 1000 Jewels, so push the first log down, the second
right, and then push the one to the lower right. Enter the cave to collect
Jewels. Exit, and push the rest of the logs to check for other caves. Open the
first 3 doors, push the log, and collect the Jewels before opening the rest of
the doors and going to the left. Kill the mushrooms and then break the bushes.
The lower one will reveal a hole for you to use. Go into it.

Walk around, collecting the various magics and killing the beetles, and go up
the other exit. Go to the right. Now, push the boulder up, right, down, right,
down, right, up, right, down, right, and up. Get the key and return to the
left. Enter the keydoor and go up.

Collect the gems you see, and open the money doors. Now return down. Enter the
cave all the way to the right. Go through the door you see and get the jewels.
Use the arrow keys to get the rest of the close jewels, and descend the middle
hole. The door to the middle gives you treasure chests, as does the right exit.
Get both, and then go back to the cave with the 7 money doors. Go through

Inside the cave, exit the upper exit, and enter the next cave. Evade the
spiders' lethal bullets and go to the right. Hit the purple orb. Then, journey
around to hit it again before descending the long flight of stairs and hitting
it a third time. Cross the spikes and hit it a fourth time. Then, go as close
as you can to the enxt spikes and shoot upward. Quickly move right to hit the
orb, and then exit out to the left.

Go left again, down three times, and left twice. Kill the beetles to avoid the
worm, and go up. Kill the multitude of enemies and grab the three keys, then go
up again. Go to the right via the top route. Shoot your hammer down from the
top of the stairs and go left, and then just wait until the Green Elves are
vanquished. Go down. Revive your health and enter the final door.


Nognir moves to the right and left on the top, spewing small skulls. You must
aim your hammer to hit him. After five hits, he will start shaking
stalactites from the ceiling. Again, you must hit him repeatedly.

Nognir is not extremely difficult. I would advise that you equip the Enchanted
Apple, and that you hold down Control so that you automatically heal when you
lose health. During the first stage, stay in one of the two middle alcoves and
just shoot upwards. During the second stage, Nognir always returns to the
middle, so you should have enough remaining health to just stay in the middle
and hit him from there. Ten hits in total (watch the meter on the upper right)
and you beat Part II!

V. Part III

A. Story

(Note: This is the actual story in the game.)

  "Thor my son, This is your final
   and most deadly mission. You must
   search out and defeat your evil
   and twisted half-brother, Loki the
   God of Mischief!

   He has established his throne in
   the small town of Blechton, which
   he has even had the nerve to rename

   Unknown to Loki, a small group of
   the villagers have banded together
   to form a rebellion. Although they
   are brave souls, they do not stand
   a chance in Hela of removing him
   from power.

   All these people need is a good
   warrior to lead them. You will
   find many of the people there
   willing to help you, but highly
   suspicious of strangers.

   Go to Blechton and win their
   trust. They will be invaluable
   to your mission.

   It is a very long road that leads
   to their village and it is filled
   with Loki's minions. But I know
   you can make it, because you are
   my first born son...a true warrior,
   and the mighty...

            GOD OF THUNDER!

Summary: In your final mission, Loki has captured the town of Blechton to rule
from it. You must go in and defeat him.

B. Walkthrough

Again, you are on the other side of a rainbow bridge. If you go down, you see a
stone block. Push it to enter a cave. Collect anything you want, and then
leave. From here, go right three spaces and enter the cave.

Inside is treasure and a key. Collect the key, and exit again. Go left twice,
and then go left via the bottom route. Go left, up, and right to return to your
starting point.

Now, go up. Here, hedgehogs are constantly hitting the purple orb and sometimes
killing each other. As quickly as possible, get the keys and then go to the
right. It isn't necessary to be in a hurry; once all the hedgehogs are dead you
can just hit the purple orb with your hammer.

Use your last key to open the door. Walk along the path right, up, right, up,
right, down, and left, and then hit the orb with your hammer. Push the boulder
left and up, then right. Hit the purple orb. Now, push the boulder right, and
then quickly hit the purple orb. The boulder should arrive perfectly blocking
the worm. Now, walk back around the screen and hit the orb from the right. Walk
up and left, but at the first intersection go down. Push the purple orb from
the right directly. Get the chest and continue along the path to the finish.
Exit up.

This puzzle can be easy or hard. Push the leftmost log right half a space. Push
the bottom boulder right, then up, then right. Run along with it, and just when
it is almost directly under the rightmost boulder push the rightmost boulder
also. Run between them to evade both worms.

To the right, there is a long bridge. Go right again, then walk down. To the
south, you can find two keys. Go back up and then left for a hoard of treasure.

If you walk right, up, and right twice you will see a room with 3 hedgehogs.
Open the six cash doors. Now, stand directly to the left of the first bush and
throw your hammer. Collect all of the keys and leave up.

Open all three key doors. Go down through the right exit to get a chest, then
return back up. Hit the purple orb once and then get the amulet thing. Touch
the white orb now, but only once. Then, go to the left twice.

Here, there are two worms. Kill the mushrooms first. Then, push the top boulder
left and run above it. When it gets to the left wall, push it down and go left.

Here is a four-room puzzle. When you exit a room, the spike configuration will
remain, so be careful. Hit the lower orb and then get the treasure and go left
twice. Hit the orb and then get the key, and next hit the orb again. Go all the
way back right. Hit the orb, and go back left again; hit the orb and return
right via the upper way.

Open the money door and hit the orb. Go left by the upppermost exit. Go left
two more times. Hit the orb and then get the key. Return all the way back
right. Hit the middle orb, go left, hit the orb, go right, hit the lower orb,
go left twice, and hit the orb.

Go back right twice, hit the orb, go left, hit the orb, go right, hit the
middle orb, and now go left by the middle entrance. Go left again. Now, here
there are two breakable bushes. Get the treasure in the caves, and collect the
treasure, before going left and opening the key doors. Exit the puzzle to the

Now, go into the cave. Run past the spiders and exit through the right exit.
Return down through the left exit. Hit the orb with your hammer. Go down the
stairs to the left. Throw your hammer up and quickly run right to hit the orb.
Now, exit through the door. Talk to the old man and enter Ken's House of

Ken's House of Wonders is a five-story dungeon. You enter on the first floor.
Ascend the only staircase. On the second floor, enter the top exit, another
staircase. On the third floor, open the red moneydoor and get the key. Enter
the closest staircase.

On the fourth floor, you have to avoid the electric ball. Move in the same
direction around the wall section and drop down the hole. On the fifth floor,
get the key. Now, return to the third floor.

Enter the hole to the upper left, which will bring you back to the
second floor. Enter the cave nearby, and back on the first floor cross to
another cave. Open the keydoor, and follor the electric balls to reach the
staircase. Down the staircase lies the second keydoor and the exit.

Outside, enter the cave. Immediately kill the sixteen blobs. Fill yourself up
with golden apples, then go left.

From the start, hit the purple orb. Cross the bridge and go up to hit it again,
and then go left by the middle path. Destroy the Blue Troll, then grab the
Power of Thunder!

Get the key and return to the right. Hit the purple orb, then get as close as
you can and hit it again. Go back to the left, then go down through the

Go down again, then go right, then up. Navigate through the posts and get the
key, then go to the right. Stand to the left of the hedgehogs and repeatedly
fire your hammer. Go through the keydoor, and exit down.

Get rid of the skunks, and cross the first bridge. Shoot your hammer left, and
immediately run up. The hammer should hit the purple orb. Exit down.

Use the Power of Thunder to uncover a hole. Enter for a stash of treasure, then
return to the surface. Go left once, then again using the middle entrance.

Push the closest block down. Push the one directly above it up. Push the one
originally to the left of it left, and the one originally below that one down.
Push the last block to the left and get the key.

Return to the right twice, and make your way down. Push the log down a space,
then push it left while hitting the purple orb. Open the keydoor and go left.

Push the second-lowest log left a few spaces, then push the log near the middle
of the screen left three. Push the log you pushed before left and up to block
the lower worm. Push the second-highest log around it to block the lower worm
from the left, then go left.

Push the lower stone block left to block the worm, and go left by the top
entrance. Go up to heal, then return down and go left twice. Talk to the boy,
and evade the spiked gate to enter into BLECHTON!!!

As soon as possible, touch a Red Guard. He will bring you into jail for any
offense. Talk to EVERYONE in jail. One lady says she wants you to rescue her
bracelet, and the old man gives you a hole to help you escape town. Enter the

Heal yourself, and enter town. Go up, left, and down twice, and enter the left
house. There are plenty of guards, so use your Power of Thunder to defeat them
all. Grab the lady's bracelet and let yourself be captured again.

In jail, bring the bracelet to the lady. She will tell you the password to the
rebellion. Escape jail and re-enter the town. The house on this screen is the
Rebellion HQ. Talk to the guy, give him the password, and enter.

Talking to everyone reveals that there is a tool shop on the northwest side of
town. Leave the HQ, then go up, left three times, up, and into the house there.
Buy an Electric Saw for 500 Jewels.

In the very southwest corner of town is a house with a key. Push all of the
barrels to uncover a cave. On the other end is the other room, with a key and
treasure. Get the key and leave.

Two screens to the right are two houses. In the bottom one is a cave. It leads
outside, to a key and some Old Trolls. Get the key and leave the house.

Up three screens, you find McLokis. They have a golden apple sign near their
shop. Inside, push the barrels to find a key.

Enter jail. Walk to the midle grate and Odin will power your Electric Saw.
Enter the resulting cave.

Touch the purple orb, then shoot it from the left to get the key. Hit it again,
then touch it. Climb the ladder to the right, and shoot the purple orb by
shooting below and climbing up. Get the two keys. Now, hit the purple orb
again. Touch it, and shoot it from the left. Go close to the doors and shoot it
again, then open the two key doors and go up.

Kill the bats and get the gems, then open the moneydoor and go up. Simply walk
to get the key. Shoot the orb once, and only once. Now, get the chests, and
then go right from the bottom of the screen. Shoot upwards and move to hit the
orb, then continue on the path past the keydoors and up.

Kill the enemies and get the first two keys. Push the right barrel right, then
the middle, then the left. Open the first two keydoors and get the chests, then
get the last key and go up.

Get everything, especially the Mystic Mushroom, then leave upwards. Go back
into the town, then go down, left twice, and down again. Enter the house with
the firecracker sign outside. Walk up to find a cottage; give the old lady the
Mystic Mushroom to get the Skeleton Key.

Go to the house down and left of the entrance. Talk to the man, and he will
tell you to find his wife. Now, leave Blechton. Go right twice, then up. Talk
to the lady and she will follow you. Go down the hole, and through the cave.

Enter Blechton, then go down and left. Enter the right house and talk to the
man. He will let you keep the key the lady gave you. Finally, go left and up.
Use your Thunder Power to kill the Red Guards before you enter the house. Open
the keydoors and enter into Loki's Castle.

Inside, you are 'greeted' with eight sets of spikes and four Electric Balls. Go
up three spaces at a time to avoid the spikes. Then, you will want to follow
along the tracks of the Electric Balls. Go up quickly before you die.

Stay where you are until the outside balls go around you. Then, run up and to
the right past the spikes. When you're ready, run around the fast ball and into
the stairway.

Carefully, follow the Electric Balls and get the left key. Hit the purple orb,
then get the right key. Open the keydoors and leave through the upper stairs.

Hit the rightmost orb. Then, hit the second-rightmost orb. Go left two spaces
and down one, and then shoot the hammer right and go down. Get the key. Then,
shoot the hammer again, and go to the next orb. Repeat this pattern, then open
the money doors and the key doors. The lady says Loki is in the next room, so
heal and get ready to face...


In the first stage, Loki shoots red and blue fireball things that chase you
and disapear when they touch you. In the second stage, Loki throws a blue ball
which explodes into six bouncing spiked objects.

Firstly, you cannot hit Loki with your hammer. You have to use your Lightning
Power to even hurt him. In the first stage, you can run to him and use your
Power, but in the second stage he appears and disappears so you have to be more
lucky. When you beat Loki, you have beaten God of Thunder!!


Q: Help! I don't have enough of an item!

A: Search around in caves to find that item. If that does not work, walk
   around, talk to people, read signs, and defeat enemies until you have enough
   of the requested item.

VII. Creatures

Since no official names are given for these enemies, I will try to describe
them as well as I can:

NAME: The name I give the creature.
DESC: A description of this creature.
HITS: The creature's health.
SCOR: The point value of the creature.

NAME: Red Blob
DESC: A red blob; bounces around.
SCOR: 100 points

DESC: A rat; runs around.
SCOR: 50 points

DESC: A bat; flies around randomly; only in caves.
SCOR: 200 points

NAME: Skunk
DESC: A skunk; walks around; shoots liquid.
SCOR: 150 points

NAME: Yellow Guard
DESC: A yellow guard with a spear; walks around; shoots arrows.
SCOR: 300 points

NAME: Grey Guard
DESC: A grey guard with a spear; walks around; shoots arrows.
SCOR: 200 points

NAME: Worm
DESC: A worm; stays in one place; fires lethal bullets; lethal.

NAME: Spider
DESC: A spider; moves up and down; shoots down lethal pellets; lethal.

NAME: Bird
DESC: An eagle; flies around in a straight line; shoots eggs.
SCOR: 100 points

NAME: Blue Troll
DESC: A troll dressed in dark blue clothing; walks around; throws axe.
SCOR: 200 points

NAME: Beetle
DESC: A beetle; walks around; only in caves.
SCOR: 200 points

NAME: Giant Troll
DESC: A huge troll; walks left/right; throws lethal rocks; lethal.

NAME: Spike
DESC: A spike; falls down; only in caves.
SCOR: 100 points, but only if you can actually shoot it

NAME: Green Elf
DESC: A green elf; walks quickly; fires arrows.
SCOR: 150 points

NAME: Red Elf
DESC: A red elf; walks around
SCOR: 200 points

NAME: Hedgehog
DESC: A blue hedgehog; runs in one direction.
SCOR: 100 points

NAME: Mushroom
DESC: A red mushroom. Walks toward you.
SCOR: 150 points

NAME: Old Troll
DESC: An old troll; throws axe.
SCOR: 200 points

NAME: Fish
DESC: A fish monster; shoots at you; you can only hit its head.
SCOR: 50 points

NAME: Electric Ball
DESC: An electrified blue ball; can go fast or slow; moves along a wall;

NAME: Red Guard
DESC: A red guard; puts you in jail.
HITS: 10
SCOR: 500 points

NAME: Jormangund
DESC: A snake; shoots fireballs; chases you.
HITS: 20
SCOR: ??? points

NAME: Nognir
DESC: A skull; shoots skulls, drops spikes; stays on the top of the screen.
HITS: 30
SCOR: ??? points

NAME: Loki
DESC: A magician; throws red and blue fireballs, throws blue spiked balls;
HITS: 10 hits with Lightning Power
SCOR: ??? points

VIII. Items

A. Repeated / Cumulative

A repeated or cumulative item is one that can be found in many places and
sometimes adds to a tally (i.e. Jewels)

NAME: Name of the item (sometimes given by me)
SCOR: Points item is worth
DOES: Effect of item

NAME: Golden Apple
DOES: Heal 5 pixels of health

NAME: Poisoned Apple
DOES: Damage 10 pixels of health

NAME: Crown
SCOR: 1000
DOES: Nothing

NAME: Trophy
SCOR: 1000
DOES: Nothing

NAME: Blue Magic
DOES: Heal 3 pixels of magic

NAME: Red Magic
DOES: Heal 10 pixels of magic

NAME: Blue Jewel
DOES: Gives 1 Jewel

NAME: Red Jewel
DOES: Gives 10 Jewels

NAME: Chest
DOES: Gives 50 Jewels

B. Special

A special item is found once, used, and then gotten rid of.

NAME: Name of the item
DESC: What the item does / What to do with the item

NAME: Child's Doll
DESC: Take it to the Hermit for information on Jormangund.

NAME: Shrub
DESC: Bring it to a talking giant troll to pass on.

NAME: Shovel
DESC: Use it to dig holes.

NAME: Hypno-Stone
DESC: "This stone can hypnotize people with weaker minds."

NAME: Woman's Bracelet
DESC: Give it back to the lady in jail so you can get into the Rebellion.

NAME: Electric Saw
DESC: Use it to open up a sewer drain in jail.

NAME: Mystic Mushroom
DESC: Bring it to an old lady in Blechton to get the Skeleton Key.

NAME: Skeleton Key
DESC: Use it to open the last door to Loki's castle!

C. Normal

There are 6 normal items. When you find them, you always have them for the rest
of the game.

NAME: Name of the item
DESC: In-game description

NAME: Enchanted Apple
DESC: "This item will heal your wounds."

NAME: Lightning Power
DESC: "Use it when you become surrounded by enemies to destroy them all."

NAME: Winged Boots
DESC: "Use these to run like the wind!"

NAME: Wind Power
DESC: "?"

NAME: Amulet of Protection
DESC: "This will shield you from many lesser damages."

NAME: Thunder Power
DESC: "This will damage all enemies in sight!"

D. Permanent

This section contains your permanently equipped items.

 1. Normal. Deals 2 damage to enemies.
 2. Silver. Deals 3 damage to enemies.
 3. Golden. Deals 4 damage to enemies.

 1. Normal. Does nothing.
 2. Silver. Slightly reduces enemy damage.
 3. Golden. Heavily reduces enemy damage.

IX. Version History

0.00 - Apr. 11, 2003 - Started FAQ. Added game controls, story, and 1st half of
                       Part I Walkthrough.
0.10 - Apr. 12, 2003 - Finished Part I Walkthrough. Added Creatures and Items
                       found in Part I, and Contact / Legal Notice.
0.20 - Jun.  9, 2003 - Added Part II Story.
0.30 - Jul.  3, 2003 - Added Part II Walkthrough, Boss, and Items. Updated some
                       Part II creatures.
0.40 - Jul.  6, 2003 - Added Part III Story, Walkthrough, Boss, Items, and
1.00 - Jul.  7, 2003 - Formatted to 79 Characters per Line; added Section VII,
                       Part D; added Creature Health.
X. Contact / Legal Notice

If you wish to give me a comment, criticism, question, or answer, you can mail
me at

Right now, only may use this FAQ. If you own a cheats/hints
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