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Gregg the Egg walkthrough 

This is not a speed run walkthrough, this is a get-through-alive with 
100% walkthrough :D   .    At some points I will mention alternative 
“advanced” methods of doing a certain part, but I will always explain 
how to do the easiest, most straightforward method for the sake of 
this walkthrough. 
**advanced techniques in stars**

Start out walking right till you get to the sign that reads “beware of 
boogieman”.  **you can actually jump off and still maneuver around 
boogieman but that’s another method**  Wait till boogieman is visible, 
and jump off, sailing over his head. If you land on him, you didn’t 
jump early enough. Lol. Keep running towards the right until you drop 
down, and go left to get your jumping ability. Actually, you don’t have 
much of a choice since you can’t go anywhere without the jump ability. 
3%, congrats.

From here, jump up  right left right left right left, left left right 
right. Sorry for the vagueness, it’s pretty straightforward where to 
go. From here continue on towards the right, and do not be curious as 
the sign reads. Jump the pit, and get your first save point!

Continue on towards the right, passing the locked door, and get your 
map upgrade.  7% woot. You can save again if you’d like to.

**edit. I felt bad I forgot to take pics first time through so I went 
back and added 2 pics. It’s funny because look at the time difference 
between the second and third pic. 40 seconds never passed so quickly. 

Jump down the newly opened path (where it was locked 3 seconds ago) 
and acquire your  max-life upgrade. This next part isn’t too tough, 
but be careful you don’t die….  Watch out for the moving platform, 
as you never actually need to touch it while doing this section. 
(picture #1) Get on the lower block after the platform is gone 
(else it will crush you into the spikes), and jump left onto the 
lone block. Making sure to be on the left side of the block, jump 
up, and immediately hold left. That should clear the spikes without 
touching. If your jump doesn’t go far enough to clear them, you 
were either too far to the right on the block, you didn’t hold 
up the entire time, or you started pressing left too late. Don’t 
make the same mistake on the next jump or you’re dead. (picture  #2)

Grab your “jump through walls” upgrade 13%, and stop.  Do not 
continue to the left yet. Walk down onto the first downwards-slanted 
tile to your right (where you just came from). Above you to your 
right should be 2 spikes, pointing to the left. (picture #3)  
The tile directly above them is  a fake tile. Jump above the 
spikes, and maneuver around to get your first gem 17%. Climb back 
down and continue to your left, and climb all the steps, back to 
where boogieman is. 
This time he cannot stop you, as you jump him. Go back up and save.

Go left, hopping over the gap and up through the steps, as this is 
the only new area you have access to. Once on top, go left, all the 
way to the edge, and jump off as far as you can. You’ll land on an 
incline, where you’ll travel up it, then maneuver the disappearing 
blocks, up and over to the right, where upon reaching the last one, 
you simply walk off, and drop straight down onto another heart 
upgrade 20%.  Sound confusing? Just do it you pussy, it’s 
self-explanatory.  You COULD save here, but I don’t see why. Go 
right, crossing the spikes on the moving platform (if  you don’t 
see it, wait for it.)  Continue right, ignoring the pink thing 
(you can’t use it yet, it’s a launcher). Go all the way right, 
till you fall through a disappearing floor. Ignore the gem for 
now. Fall all the way down, and go right. Ignore the cracked 
floor, but instead jump up to the right, and go through another 
fake wall to get another gem! This brings us to 23%.  Well, it
brings me to 23%, if you’ve been following along and not dying 
constantly it would bring you to 23% as well. 

Continue to your left, swimming across the water, and jumping up. 
Instead of going down this shaft, jump over the gap, and jump up 
to your left, to go through yet another fake block. (picture #4) 
Fall down, go left, get your gem 27%, and go up the steps. 

Once up the steps, proceed left, retracing your steps from earlier. 
Do everything again until you get to where you were just before 
taking the last secret passage, just past the water part. I’ll 
wait as you do that. I’ll even put a new paragraph so you don’t 
get confused.

Ok, once past the water, jump up, and this time go down the 
shaft. (picture #5) Continue left where you will recharge your 
health and save. Jump onto the disappearing block after saving. 
You will now fall to your death. Good thing you saved, eh? Jump 
over the gap this time you noob, and fall through the next 
shaft. Lol I keep saying shaft. Here comes a fun part! It’s 
really not hard at all if you know how to do it. It’s really 
hard if you don’t know how to do it. Pay attention, there is 
sekrit method.

Your first jump you can take at any speed, and it’s a no brainer.

Your second jump you will take at a slightly faster speed. Tap 
up as light as you can to perform a small jump, which will be 
perfect for making it through. 

Your third jump is easy to clear, but slow down immediately after 
clearing to avoid hitting the spikes up ahead.

Your fourth jump is easy and straightforward.

Your fifth jump requires a full height jump, as well as sufficient 
speed to clear. Holding left will give you enough speed though. 
No need to get a running head start.

Your sixth jump is identical in mechanics to your fifth jump 
(at this point in time).

Now you’re almost done! DO NOT hold left as you float off this 
moving floor, or you will completely clear the next moving 
floor, and fall to your death. In other words, just take your 
time lol. After changing moving floors twice, you will need 
to accumulate speed (hold left lol) and time your jump to 
clear the long spike bed. Hold left after clearing. You will 
clear another spike bed, land on a disappearing block, and fall 
safely. Phew. Only gotta do that part once more, and it will be 
much tougher next time muahaha. 

**this health charger may seem completely redundant, as the 
next area also contains a health recharger, however, if you 
speedrun this section, this health charger is vitally important**

Recharge your health if necessary, and pick up your jump height 
increase upgrade!!!  30%!!  Climb up the wall to your left, 
and jump up to your right and pass through the 2 double steps. 
Go right until you get to another health recharge and a save 
point. Save. Things are about to get crazy. I’m going to go get 
breakfast before continuing. After I poured myself some 
honey nut cheerios, I went to find string cheese in the fridge. 
I saw none, but I did see a piece of lasagna just waiting to be 
heated up, and I couldn’t resist. I opened the microwave to
 find someone had left an egg roll in it! EW! So I removed 
the egg roll and microwaved my lasagna. 

Anyways, this next part will have you giggling for joy, so do 
it right, or you’ll be doing it over and over.  We’re going to 
get phantom plats materialized (invisaplats  I call them), and 
another max-life upgrade. You might pussy out on the max-life 
upgrade though, cause I know how you are. It’s ok, you can come 
back for it later if you want, because we will be here again. 

Maneuver the 2 moving platforms until you get on the upper one, 
and proceed to your left. Jump up and continue left till you get 
to the vertical plat/spike part. (picture #6)  It’s pretty sweet. 
Get on the platform, and avoid the spikes. Once on top, take a 
deep breath before jumping onto your first bouncy ball.  
(picture #7)

If you do not hold anything while bouncing on a bouncy ball, you 
will jump the maximum height. If you hold “up”, you also jump max 
height. However, if you hold “up” prior to bouncing, then you 
can let go of “up” at any time during your ascent, and it will
stop your upwards motion. So basically, if you let go of “up” 
right after you bounce, you’ll bounce very low. Practice this 
on the first bouncy ball for a little while, as you will NEED 
to have this mastered to get the heart upgrade ahead. 

Jump onto the first bouncy ball, and from there, the second bouncy 
ball. From here, there are 2 ways. (pictures #8 , #9) See the 
bouncy ball under the spikes? You need that one to get to the next 
ball, so you have your choice of how you hit it. You can either 
hit it from the second bouncy ball, or from the third. I personally 
only hit it from the second one. Go right as soon as you hit it, 
to avoid the spikes. 

Then hit the other bouncy balls as you go left, up, (picture #10)
and get to the phantom plat upgrade 33%. Now to get down! It’s not 
too hard, but it can be brutal. Start by bouncing on the second 
highest bouncy ball. Do a low jump, and go right, floating over 
the bouncy ball to your right. (picture #11) Fall between that 
bouncy ball and the one to its right, and fall all the way to the 
right (well, about 1 block length from the spikes) to land on a 
bouncy ball. (picture #12) Either go back and save, or prepare to 
get the heart upgrade now. I don’t really care which. Either way, 
you need to get up to the right over those spikes. There are 3 
basic ways of doing it, all of which have the same bouncy ball as 
the last step. (picture #13) How you get there is up to you. 
Bounce onto the bouncy ball nearest the gap, and do a short bounce 
to get through. (picture #14)  It’s not the SHORTEST bounce you 
can do, so you’ll have to make the judgment on when to let go of 
“up”. You get the heart, 37%, and make the jump back (which is 
much harder imo). (picture #15) This is a full height jump, have 
fun with it. Either way, clear the spikes and fall down to that 
lowest bouncy ball (or ball of choice). Proceed to your left, 
down the spike maze, and save. Congrats, you’ve passed your last 
challenge before the first actual “hard part” in the game!! This 
part isn’t easy, but since it’s possible to do every time without 
getting hurt, or at least without dying, I don’t quite consider 
it a “hard part”.

Go save at the 2 moving plat parts, recharge your health, and 
go back up on top of the higher moving plat, and go right, as 
the invisaplat is now activated. (picture #16) Jump up, and up, 
and up, till you get through the step. (picture #17)  Continue 
up and up jumping on the disappearing plats now. Continue right 
till you fall twice. Jump the spikes. You’re back at the 

Go right past boogie and climb up, till you notice the invisaplats 
are activated. (picture #18)  Jump up left and keep jumping 
across them until you get another heart upgrade. Here you have 
2 choices, and I don’t see a difference. Go left, fall down, 
and climb back up like you just did, or just jump right, land 
in the spikes, jump 2 more times, and land back up where you 
were. (picture #19) Either way you end up in the same place, 
and you are really close to a health recharger/save point. 
The latter is my choice, as it saves time. Recharge health, 
save, and go up the steps to the left.

Ok, wait for the moving platform, cross the bed of spikes 
halfway, and jump up onto the newly activated invisaplat. 
You’ll see the teleporter- you cannot use it yet but remember 
it’s here. This is the last thing you will use. Continue 
left, right, right, left yada yada until you are climbed up. 
(picture #20)  Jump into the bouncy ball, and wait for the 
moving platform to come into view. Land on it, and get ready 
for the first hard part!

Your first jump lands you on top of the moving plat like 
the picture shows. (picture #21)  Immediately jump to 
the right. (picture #22) My video will probably be a hell 
of a lot easier to follow..  You will land probably not on 
the platform, but on blocks. Jump up to land on the platform, 
and time your next jump so that the highest plat is on the 
right, (picture #23) and the second highest plat is able to 
be jumped on. If you need a few more seconds, note the 
picture as to where the spikes wont hit you-on the left 
extreme of the plat you are on. Jump up left, and if the 
coast is clear, jump up right. (picture #24)  If not, then 
jump right back down to your previous location and wait 
for another attempt. Rushing this part will lead to death. 

Jump up through the step, (picture #25) and wait for the 
platform to come by. Jump on it, and jump left over the 
spikes and land on the platform again, and then jump left 
again all the way, to get your next upgrade 43% !!! 
(picture #26)

Walk left, making sure not to stay on the disappearing platform 
too long. (picture #27) Jump to the next plat, and jump up 
right to get another upgrade!! Jump up left to nab another 
gem too, but make sure to land back where you jumped from. 
(picture #28)  Now you’re at 47%.

Jump up to the right to proceed to the next part, full of 
disappearing platforms. Make your way to the right until they 
start going down. Then just jump off to the right all the way. 
You’ll land safely. Go back left across the spike bed, and save 
if you want. Then go back up, across the spike bed to the right,
to that pink launcher. It’s time to use it. (picture #29)  Go 
on it, press down, and hold right till you land. Walk right 
more till you get to the water. Jump up up up till you get to 
the top blocks. (picture #30)

Once here, be careful as to how you jump. You might not do it 
right.  Jump up to the left, but not too far to the left. Also,
hold up to get max jump height,  but at the top of your jump, 
let go of up. Just do it. You will fall down, and go low enough 
to pass under the spikes. (picture #31)  If you jump incorrectly, 
you will not plunge deep enough!

Once here, use the balls to bounce you to the bottom, where you 
will stick to the floor (picture #32) . Walk right off the ledge, 
where you will float up to more balls. Bounce down, then float 
back up to the balls, and bounce down to the floor on the right
side of the spikes. (picture #33) You have 2 methods now. They 
both work. One might get you killed, but is “easier and more 
reliable”. Don’t ask. 

Method 1. (picture #34) Bounce off the balls and then go right 
all the way, hitting the bouncy ball over on the right. Immediately 
go left, hitting the bouncy balls there on the ground (and most 
likely the spikes). (picture #36)

Method 2. (picture #35) Bounce on the ball until you are comfortable 
getting the lowest bounce you can. This is kind of just waiting 
until the last moment to move. You will not go as low if you move 
over early. Then you move to the right, and barely touch the 
bouncy balls. (picture #36)  It’s much safer to do, though way 
harder. You have a near-zero chance of hitting any spikes, however, 
and this is THE ONLY method to use on hardcore mode. 

Go down left, hit that bouncy, down right, its an easy pattern once 
you know it. You might die the first few times just because you don’t 
know the pattern, but you’ll get it. Then make sure on the last 
part, when you shoot out of the water, you DO NOT MISS THE COIN!!! 
(picture #37)  If you do, jump back down into the water to the right, 
(pass through the spike) , hit the bouncy ball, and try again. You 
don’t have a choice. You need the coin. 50%

Go the only way you can. (picture #38) Now you need to the chamber 
of death. (picture #39) You can either go down and use the faster 
method of the moving floors, or if you’re a pansy, go down still, 
but after saving, do not drop down, instead jump the gap and 
continue left, and go up the steps and proceed to the beginning of 
the level. Jump the spikes, use the launcher, and go left. Drop 
down. You will realize where you are, save again, go all the way 
left. You are at the chamber of death. (picture #39)   I’d say 
just stay in one place if you can, and don’t jump. The pic shows 
my favorite place to stand. (picture #40) I’ve made it through 
without having to move before, though it’s rare. Either way, 
survive until the balls go away, and get your prize. Now I must 
leave for class. Good day.

Wow sorry it took so long. I’m back a week later…. Long class heh. K.

Now that we have 53%, and the heavy trophy, we will have to 
Go back up up up, to the beginning again, go right, up more, back 
over the bed of spikes, and to the part with the bouncy balls 
underwater where we got the coin. Remember? If not, it’s just past 
the spike bed, using the launcher. Jump into the water, now you 
can swim, so don’t be afraid. Jumping swims you. Swim all the way 
to the right, and go down to get the gem. 57%. (picture #41)

Swim back out, fall down, go right, and drop down . Go left, and 
you should be at the other water part. Before venturing down, 
continue left, and down, and save. You probably will thank me.
Save, and then go back up right to the water part. 

I was unable to take lots of pics in this next part (well just didn’t 
want to) because there’s nowhere to stand. Drop down, avoiding 
the spikes… go left, down. Then go right, ignoring the “shortcut” 
you could drop down through (because 1. you’ll miss a gem  2. 
you’ll die).  Go right, where you’ll find another gem. I forgot 
to check the %. Sorry lol.   Drop down, where you will want to wait 
for 2 platforms to come towards you. You want to wait for the upper 
platform to come near you, and just after it passes you, swim 
towards the right in the same path it came from. You will pass over 
the lower platform sometime on your way, and hopefully swim fast 
enough that the upper plat never catches up to you. Then swim up 
to the next part, which is a bit tougher. 

Method 1:
You want so wait for the bottom 2 plats to pass and be on their 
returning path (going towards the left). You want to time it so 
you can jump over the 2nd lowest plat like the picture. (picture #42)

Method 2:
You can also wait for the lower plat to come near you, and swim 
under the 2nd lowest plat….. basically the opposite approach of 
the part you just did before this one. I have only tried this 
method once and didn’t like it though. Up to you. Be adventurous. 

Swim down, left, and up and get your wings! 63%

Wings are used by pressing up one additional time while already in 
flight. Holding up for max height, and pressing and holding up 
again, will result in max distance. Holding up for about half the 
upwards distance and pressing and holding up again will result 
in max height. This isn’t very prominent if you’re jumping, but 
if you understand this, you will do better when using launchers
and bouncy balls. The second up isn’t as much of a second jump as 
it is an increase in upwards momentum-   meaning if you’re at the 
max jump height, it basically just jumps again, if you’re falling, 
it slows your fall for a split second by a small amount, and if 
you’re still moving upwards, it gives you boost to go even higher. 
Play around with it till you understand how to achieve max 
distance and height. 

Remember, the optimum jump angle is 45 degrees. Any more or less 
is not optimum, and max distance will not be achieved. Gregg 
jumps somewhere between 65-75 degrees (my total best guess), 
meaning his jump is NOT optimum for distance. This is why his 
max height jump does NOT give him max distance. Otherwise, if 
he DID have a 45 degree angle jump when moving sideways, his 
max height jump would also give him more distance. Sorry just 
had to clear up why there is a difference.

So save and head left, jumping both gaps, and going up up up to 
the beginning. Then head right to the next save point (the first 
one we ever found. Here , drop down the “don’t be curious” hole. 
Go right. Get downsmash for 67%. Go up and save and then head 
over to boogieman. Downsmash him.  Downsmash is enabled by 
pressing down while in the air. 70% btw.

Now to go pick up some goodies. We can also walk through green 
spikes now with the boogieman suit. Go all the way right past 
the bed of spikes, past the launcher (don’t use it). We’re 
getting that gem that’s been out of reach.( You’ll notice you 
don’t have to wait for the platform now that you can jump up 
onto the teleporter ledge with your wings.) Traveling becomes 
much easier now. Get the gem for 73%. **sorry no pic. Hope 
you know what I’m talking about. )

Go down after getting the gem. Downsmash that cracked floor 
tile to the right and get another gem.  In case you can’t 
figure out how  to use launchers now, the best method is 
either walk next to it, hold down, and walk over it, or just 
jump and downsmash next to it and hold down and walk over it. 
Anyways, proceed left, and go down. We need some gems down 
there.  Go down left and save. I’ll introduce suparflai while
we’re here. Suparflai is a technique used to travel across 
ceilings. With wings, hit the ceiling. Once you hit, you now 
have another boost available, another flap if you will. Flap, 
hit the ceiling, repeat. You can travel unlimited distances 
across ceilings with this method, albeit not the easiest thing 
to do. See the pictures. (picture #43-47)  Yes, it is EVEN 
possible to suparflai small gaps. (picture #47-49) It’s hard, 
and I haven’t done it for any practical reasons other than to 
see that I could do it. It WAS once an important skill, before 
boogieman suit protected you from greens. The suit used to 
enable green spikes to hurt just like red spikes, for the 
intention of the last run to be beatable (we’ll get there). 
Seeing as the last run is crazy, suparflaing was a really 
really important skill to have to ensure victory. Anyways… 

After you saved, drop down to the conveyor belt section. 
This will be much harder this time around, due to increased 
jump height, but the wings can seriously help us. For short 
jumps, I jump early, and as I’m falling, I flap and pass
through the gaps going as horizontal as I can. Anyways I’m not
gonna spend too much time here, figure it out. You should have 
5 hearts anyways. (if you don’t follow this pattern, you can 
have 6 hearts at this point.) 

Everytime I try to do this I get swamped with Im’s, phone
calls, and band practices, at the SAME TIME. BAH I”LL WRITE

Ok I’m back… I can’t write long, of course, I’m really angry. 
This sucks. I promised I’d finish today though, and I shall.

Ok, drop down, do the conveyor section, and once you’re through, 
recharge your hearts, and walk through the green spikes to get 
your prize. You can walk through them with the boogieman suit. 
Then downsmash the cracked floor tile to get another!!  83%

Climb up left, and jump up right, up through the steps, and to 
the right and save. Then jump up and go left to the spike maze 
part, eventually to get to the bouncy ball part again. Once 
you’re at the top, where you got the invisaplats activated, you
will use the highest bouncy ball, and on your upwards bounce, 
flap again. (picture #50)  Here is where you really see how the 
flap/boost works. You will see that waiting till your highest 
point to flap will actually NOT get you high enough. Just boost 
while going up and you’ll almost hit the ceiling :D.  87% and 
6th heart.

Go back down, through the spike maze, and go left. Downsmash the 
block, and continue left, to get another gem. 90%

Go right to the nearest save point, save, and  then jump up right. 
Then go  up up up up as we’ve done before, through the step, 
up the disappearing plats, but this time, continue up, as we can 
now scale this wall side to side. (picture #51) Once on top, 
continue right until you find a gap, and jump it. Continue right. 
You’ll find a launcher. Use it, go straight up. 93% :D

Go left, fall down the gap this time. Use this launcher to go up 
left. Once you’re in the upper left corner of the room, flap, 
and continue up left to pass through a secret fake tile. 
(picture #59) Continue left for 97%.

Go down, and continue left, and fall back where we just came from. 
Use the re-entry port to get down, and go RIGHT this time, 
falling into the green spikes. It’s ok, we’re invincible.  

Continue right until you get the teleport key and use the launchers. 
From here I really should leave you on your own but I won’t. 

Oh right, by the way, 100%. 

Find your way back to the bed of spikes I keep referring to. 
Remember the blue thing we could never use by pressing down? We 
can now. Go there. Figure it out :P. … By the way, it’s the right 
door, not the left one.  JW (nobody) is a jerk and the left door 
takes you to a room of spikes and you die. 

Now I’ll admit there is an even EASIER way to beat it…..a much 
faster way. Also, a much harder, yet even FASTER way….

I also admit maybe I’m the jerk and it was the other door? My bad.

Speedrun walkthrough anybody?

Anybody want the HARDCORE walkthrough? Oh yes, hardcore requires a 
whole new approach. 

Lemme know :D  I tried to find the simplest way through each part, 
without ridiculous use of backtracking and saving. I also tried 
to make it somewhat linear to keep the time from being ridiculous. 
My time ended up being really high, but I’m also trying to take tons 
of screenshots and write this walkthrough as I’m playing… cut me 
a tiny bit of slack on my near 60:00 time lol.  Don’t be discouraged 
if your time looks like mine. You probably haven’t played through 
the game 15 times like I have. (ok so it’s probably more like 20 times). 

Anybody requiring even more assistance with any particular part, I 
can definitely help you with that. ALSO, I can give you the healthy 
egg walkthrough, which shows you the sneakiest, fastest way to 
obtain the most hearts you can have as early as possible, for those 
of you who just need that boost in life to get past parts. If 
you’re speedrunning, you’ll have 2-3 hearts for almost the entire 
game. If you’re healthy egg running, you’ll have 5 almost right 
away. Just how you wanna approach the game.  Anyways I’ve included 
like 2 or 3 dumb pictures of places you can suparflai to lol. I 
gotta leave for class else I’d have pimped this ending out more.