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SPUD'S QUEST - WALKTHROUGH                               David Newton, 25/10/06

Spud's Quest is a great game, but it does suffer from having a very confusing
beginning that could put off some beginners with the large amount of items and
situations that look like they should work, but don't. This guide contains the
use of every item in the game, indicates the ones that are actually useless,
and also provides a complete walkthrough for those who are genuinely stuck.

Spud's Quest was written by Chris Davis in 2006.

List of items and their uses

Bottle of rum: Give it to the pirates on the beach to get the Pirate's Charm in 

Bow: Give this to the archer on the left side of the map to get his dagger.

Blunt dagger: You can open the oyster on the rightmost screen with this, to get 
its pearl.

Bucket of water: Use it on the manure plot once you've planted the bean to grow 
the beanstalk.

Chain cutters: Use at the drawbridge mechanism at The Back Door to lower the 

Crowbar: Use on the hollow part of the floor in the castle to open it.

Cog: Used to repair the windmill on the left island.

Dungeon key: Unlocks the door next to the stairs in the castle.

Dynamite: Destroys the loose stone in the castle dungeon.

Empty bucket: Fill it with water in the shallow pool in the mine.

Empty vial: Use it on the stewing pot once all the other ingredients are in it 
to get the Healing Tonic.

Fairy dust: Put it in the Stewing Pot once it's boiling.

Garden shears: Used to cure the ancient oak when he's awake.

Golden chalice: One of your objectives. Give it to the King.

Golden harp: One of your objectives. Give it to the King.

Golden hen: One of your objectives. Give it to the King.

Hairpin: Use this to unlock the door with the padlock on the top floor of the 

Healing tonic: Give this to the sick boy in the town (through the open window), 
and you'll get a bow.

Hero Sword: The last item you'll get in the game. Take it to the King to 
complete the game.

Heavy rock: With this in your inventory, you will sink instead of float on the 
water vent.

House key: Give it to Murrey to get into his hut.

Joke book: Give to the jester in the castle to get a fake ID card.

Large mirror: Used to reflect the Gorgon's image back at her and get to the 
Magic Ring in the temple.

Letter: Give to the woman in Ambervale Market to get the rose.

Magic bean: Plant it in the manure plot on the farm.

Magic flower: Put it in the Stewing Pot once it's boiling.

Magic flute: Use in front of the Ancient Oak to wake him.

Magic lens: Having this in your inventory reveals a secret door in the clouds 
near the beanstalk.

Magic ring: With this in your inventory, you won't be noticed by Bonegrinder.

Old bone: Give it to the man with the dog in the town to get the Crowbar.

Old goblet: Place it on the altar in the Sanctum to escape.

Pirate's Charm: Give it to the diver in the hut on the beach to get his snorkel.

Pygmy cow: Give to the man at Ambervale Market to get the Magic Bean.

Rose: Give this to Ruby to get her hairpin.

Royal invitation: Give it to the guard at the Castle Entrance to be allowed in 
to the castle.

Rusty key: Unlocks the chest below the vent on the right side of the game.

Rusty pickaxe: Break the discoloured wall in the mine with it.

Small key: Unlocks the cage in the ogre's house.

Small motor: Give it to the ferryman at The Crossing and you'll be able to use 
the boat.

Snorkel: With this in your inventory, you can enter water without dying.

Spade: Open the underwater vent on the right hand side of the game with it.

Unused match: Use it on the stewing pot to light it.

List of useless items

Boring book
Dog muck
Fishing rod
Lump hammer
Raw haddock


As explained in the intro, your eventual objective of the game is to find the 
three golden treasures (the Chalice, the Hen and the Harp) and return them to 
the castle. After that there are a couple of secondary objectives to deal with 
just before finishing the game.

The Treetops and Island

You begin outside Spud's Shack. Go up to the top hut, then go right a screen and 
use the platforms to jump up to the Upper Branches, where you'll find the first 

Drop down a screen and go left until you find the work site. This is a difficult 
jump, but it is possible - take a run up and leap to the left, and you'll just 
be able to catch the platform with the workers. Jump off the screen to the left 
and you'll land on a cloud with the second coin, then jump back right to get to 
the top platform. Take the Chain cutters.

Go back to the cloud you were just on, and jump to the left, keeping to the 
middle of the screen as you fall. You'll land on top of the Hermit's Hut, with 
another coin in reach.

Walk left to the ferryman and take the house key. Talk to the ferryman and 
you'll learn he needs an outboard motor, in a scene very parallel to Prince of 
the Yolkfolk. You can't help him now, so go back to the right, on top of the 
Mine Entrance and make your way up the tree platforms. Use the blue crystal to 
save, then go right a screen and jump up at the end of the platform to return to 
the location you started at.

From here, go right and talk to Murrey (with the hat) when you see him. Use the 
house key on him, then go inside the hut, take the Small motor and the coin on 
the shelf. Exit the hut.
Go right another screen and on to the top platform. Jump on to the cloud, then 
jump to the right and keep going across the clouds, picking up a coin along the 
way. You'll be able to get into a room in the castle through the window. Pick up 
the Royal invitation from the shelf and then just drop down to ground level.

Use the Royal invitation on the guard and you'll be allowed in, but don't go in 
quite yet. Instead, go to the left until you're back at the Crossing, then use 
the small motor on the ferryman to start the boat. Jump on to it to ride to the 
other side - you'll have to move with it.

Jump off the boat at the other side. There's not a huge amount of useful things 
to do on this island just now, but we can ferry a couple of items over. Go past 
the mill and take the flower from the Broken Bridge (which can't be repaired), 
then go back to the mill and take the coin from underneath the wood platform.

Now keep going to the right from underneath the platform. You'll drop down into 
the Labyrinth, which is a bit difficult to find your way around in seeing as you 
can't see the walls. To get the coin, hold Left until you're level with it, then 
go right to collect it.

Now walk left a little until you can jump up, and go to the right so you're 
right about the hole the coin was in. Jump up and head left as far as you can, 
dropping down on the way, then right. You'll be slightly below and to the left 
of the hole for the coin. Carefully walk left and drop down further. Remember 
where this vertical gap is, because it can be very difficult to find on the way 
back. Then go right, jumping to avoid obstacles, and take the bone when you 
reach it.

Now to get back. Go left until you're at the rough location of the hole you 
dropped down (roughly a third of the way from the left of the screen) then jump 
around until you find it. Get on to the platform to the left at the top of it. 
Walk a couple of paces left and jump up again, going left as far as you can, 
then jump up and start heading right. From here, the route's easy - just keep 
going right and jumping, and eventually you'll make it out.

With that done, get back to the right hand side of the river again. Go right, up 
past the mine again, and back up to the Treetops and Murrey's hut. Drop off the 
platform here, keeping to the middle of the big tree, and you'll land on the 
ninth coin.

Go right a screen to get to the Stewing Pot, and drop the Magic flower next to 
it. Go back left to the Woodcutter's Lodge, go inside and take the hatchet from 
the shelf, then finally make your way into the castle.

The Castle and Town

Talk to the King to remind yourself of your objectives, then go another screen 
right and climb to the top of the staircase (you can jump through the smaller 
platforms). Take the coin from the shelf above the jester - it's a difficult 
jump, but you can just reach it by running from the screen to the left and 
jumping up just before you fall off the top step.

Go back down again and make your way to the upper level on the right hand side 
of the castle. The drawbridge mechanism is here, but it's jammed - use the Chain 
Cutters on it to open the drawbridge.

Drop down the stairs and make your way to the right to explore the new area 
you've opened up. On your way to the right, take the pygmy cow from the farm 
area. Keep going right, and eventually you'll arrive at an impassable bog. Use 
the hatchet on the tree next to it to cut it down and let you get across.

Keep going right and you'll arrive at the town. In Ambervale Market, give the 
cow to the man on the right and he'll give you a magic bean in return. Then go 
in the door on his right and give the bone to the man with the dog - you'll get 
a crowbar in return. Now start heading left again, taking the bucket from next 
to the Old Wishing Well with you. When you're at the farm, use the magic bean on 
the manure plot to plant it, but you'll need water to make it grow.

Go back into the castle and to the entrance on the left side. Use the crowbar 
when you're standing on the part of the floor that looks hollow, then drop down 
a screen to get the Joke book. Go right and back to the stairs, then make your 
way up them and give this book to the jester. You'll get a fake ID card in 
return. Don't pick this up yet - instead, take the old goblet from the table in 
the location on the left, then go up to the attic and take the oil canister.

The Gold Chalice

Now we're going to head into the mine you saw earlier. Go left until you're at 
the entrance, then walk into it. Drop down into the shallow pool of water and 
use the bucket to fill it with water, but leave it here for now. Leave the mine 
and walk the long distance back to the quarry beyond the castle, pick up the 
pickaxe and come back here.

Make your way back to the bottom of the mine with the dwarves. Leave any item 
here for the moment, as you need a gap in your inventory. Jump to the small gap 
on the left to get to the Path of Faith. Now, just like in Indiana Jones and the 
Last Crusade, you have to walk across the chasm to get to the other side. Don't 
jump, or you'll fall and die. Take the dungeon key and walk back again, dropping 
the key and getting your other item back once you're safely back at the dwarves. 
Now use the pickaxe on the discoloured wall on the right to break it (and get a 
message that's a definite nod to Yolkfolk again).

Go through to the Ancient Doorway, and climb the rocks to finally get the tenth 
coin. Save your game and enter the temple, going all the way through to the 
right to the room with all the levers. Pull all of them. Now, you need to pull 
one lever back to get each door to open, but only one can be open at a time. 
Pull the second lever back to its original position, then go a screen left and 
through the open door on the left.

Once through the door, head right to the Panic Room and use the oil canister on 
the lever to stop it from sticking. Pull the lever and head through to the 
Sanctum. Take the Gold Chalice, making the door to the room close. Replace it 
with the Old Goblet to escape.

More Castle and Town

Make your way out of the temple and through the mine, picking up the dungeon key 
and bucket of water that you left on the way. Head back to the castle and use 
the Golden Chalice when in front of the King. Now open the door next to the 
stairs with the dungeon key, then go through the door and left to the cells. 
Talk to the man here to get a letter. Jump up and through the small platforms to 
get the eleventh coin, then leave the dungeon.

Climb to the top of the stairs next to the door and take the fake ID card that 
the jester gave you earlier, then leave the castle.

Go to the farm, then use the bucket of water on the plot where you planted the 
bean to make the beanstalk grow. Take the spade before leaving this location, 
then jump up the beanstalk, and once at the top, head right to get to another 
cloud area.

In this area, just fall off the first cloud and go right a little while falling 
(you're aiming for about a third of the screen over from the left). There's a 
cloud with a coin on it two screens down - if you miss it, go up and try again.

Now go back up again and make your way past the first screen of clouds this 
time. On the second screen, fall off again - this time you're aiming for a cloud 
one screen down that's right in the middle. That's the thirteenth coin, and it's 
all we can get up in the clouds for now - jump off to the right and head back 
into the town.

Go into the door on the left, which is a tavern. Use the fake ID card when 
standing in front of the bar and you'll get a bottle of rum. Head out and to the 
right, then give the letter to the woman at the market. She'll give you a rose. 
Don't pick it up just now - instead, head right to the beach and give the rum to 
the pirates you'll find there. Take the charm they leave behind.

Give this charm to the diver in the hut just to your left, and you'll get the 
snorkel. With this in your inventory, you can enter water without dying. This 
effectively reduces your inventory space to two, but I never tend to drop it as 
it's something that you'll need constantly from now on.

Try it out now - head right and enter the ocean, and go to the right until you 
see a coin and a blocked vent. Use the spade on it to free it up and you'll be 
able to float up to an island with a mermaid, but there's nothing we can do here 
for now.

Instead, you have to trek all the way back to the treetop village. On your way, 
take the rose from the town that you got from the woman, and once at the farm, 
enter the hut and take the garden shears. Keep going left, and leave the garden 
shears at the ancient oak when you pass him. Jump up the wood platforms when you 
have the chance, and get to Ruby's hut - it's the top one on the screen you 
started on.

Here, give Ruby the rose and you'll get a hairpin. Pick this up, and also take 
the mirror from the wall. Head down to the mine, leave the hairpin at the 
entrance, then go down into the temple again.

Back in the Temple

Go into the lever room, pull the second lever back to the right, then set the 
first one to the left. Go two screens to the left and go through the open door, 
then climb over the stones to get to the screen to the right.

There's another difficult jump here, so make sure you've saved recently. Take a 
run-up from the left screen and dive across to the central platform. If you're 
still alive, make your way up and drop down to the single platform below it, 
then jump across the rest of the way.

Look at the book with the glint on it to learn the recipe for a healing tonic, 
then continue right. Drop into the water and float down to get the magic flute 
at the bottom, then go to the top again and take the coin. Head out of here and 
go back through the door into the main temple - the jump across the spike pit is 
marginally easier from this side.

Go to the levers room again, and this time pull the fourth lever to the left and 
the first one back into place. Go to the screen on the left and enter the door 
on the right.

Be careful here, as a wrong move can kill you. Jump off the platform and, in 
mid-air, turn around so that you aren't facing the Gorgon when you land. Now use 
the large mirror and you'll reflect the image of the Gorgon back at her, turning 
her to stone and leaving you free to pick up the magic ring. Take it and get out 
of the temple and mine - that's the last you have to do here.

The Golden Hen

Go to the Ancient Oak and play the magic flute to wake him up. Talk to him again 
and he'll ask you to look inside him - take the garden shears you dropped 
earlier and enter his mouth. Drop down and use the shears on the weeds, then go 
outside again and he'll have dropped the cog that was on his branch. You can 
leave it here for now. Instead, go back to the beanstalk and climb up it, and 
this time go all the way over the clouds to get to the Island in the Sky.

Head right and go through the open window. You can see the golden hen from here, 
but you can't get to it. Instead, go right again and walk across the table, then 
jump to the doorhandle and key. (You can only do this if you've got the magic 
ring in your inventory). Drop down to get the coin from the floor, then jump to 
the table and windowsill, and back to the left to get to the cage. Unlock it 
using the key you just found, and take the golden hen.

Jump back to the open window from the cage, and drop the magic ring - you won't 
need it again. Jump along the clouds again and go back to the castle, then give 
the hen to the king to finish your second goal.

Back on the Island

Go left to the Ancient Oak and take the cog with you. Now continue left to the 
Crossing and ride the boat back to the island. Go into the windmill, climb to 
the top and use the cog to get the mill working again, then head outside and 
collect the stick of dynamite that fell off one of the sails.

Leave the island, but don't use the boat this time - you still have the snorkel, 
so dive into the water. Collect the coin from the overhang, then go into the 
cave and get the rusty key. Now keep going right until you get to the mine, drop 
the rusty key, replace it with the hairpin, and continue to the castle.

Once inside, leave the rusty key wherever you feel like (outside the dungeon is 
best) and enter the dungeon. Go past the cell room by climbing up the platforms, 
then use the dynamite on the rock that looks loose. You'll now be able to enter 
another cave. Ignore the fish, and take the match from the Gunpowder Plot 
screen. Collect the coin here as well.

Leave the dungeon, then climb the stairs and get to the door with the padlock. 
Use the hairpin on it to get through, collect the coin on the other side and 
take the empty vial. Now go back to the Stewing Pot with the two new items. Use 
the match to start the fire going, and put in the magic flower. Drop the vial in 
as well. We still need another item to complete the recipe, though.

The Last Ingredient

Go down to the mine entrance where you left the rusty key, and take it with you. 
It's now time for another trek right across the map - head to the quarry and 
take the heavy rock, then continue to the ocean on the far side of the town.

Now that you have the rock, you'll sink instead of float on the water vent. Head 
towards it and slip down, then drift down the couple of screens to the bottom. 
Go to the left and use the rusty key on the chest to get the magic lens. You can 
also now drop the heavy rock, which will smash.

Having the magic lens reveals a secret door in the clouds near the beanstalk. 
Head there now, climb up it and go to the first screen of clouds, then go 
through the gold door. You'll land in the Secret Garden. Here, take the Fairy 
Dust from the left hand side and drop down the hole to land on a cloud above the 
castle battlements.

To get the last coin, jump on to the wall to the right and step on to the cloud.

The Golden Harp (AKA: Walking Back and Forward for Miles)

The rest of the game isn't difficult at all, but involves travelling long 
distances from one side of the map to the other and back.

Now that you have the fairy dust you can complete the recipe. Go to the stewing 
pot and use the fairy dust to get the healing tonic. Go all the way over to the 
town and jump up the stalls to the windowsills, and go in the open window. Give 
the healing tonic to the sick boy in here and you'll get a bow in return. Take 
this and go back to the archer standing on the island on the opposite side of 
the map. Giving him the bow will make him give you a dagger in return.

Take this dagger and (again) trek the long distance back to the ocean on the 
right hand side of the game. Use the vent to lift yourself up, then head to the 
right of the screen and you'll see an oyster. Prize it open with the dagger, 
take its pearl, go back to the vent and float on to the island. Give the pearl 
to the mermaid and she will leave behind the golden harp, which you can take to 
the king to complete the last of your quests.

Past the End

Actually, there is one more thing you have to do, but it won't be a problem if 
you've got all twenty coins. If you haven't, look at the list below to find out 
their locations. Once you have all twenty, head to the blacksmith in the town 
and he'll give you the Hero Sword. Take this back to the King and, finally, 
you'll have finished it.

List of coins

1. Upper Branches. Jump up the platforms in the treetops to the highest area.

2. Cloud. Jump off the screen to the left of the work site to get to it.

3. Hermit's Hut. It's on the roof - jump off the cloud at coin 2 and stick to 
the middle of the screen as you fall.

4. Murrey's Shack. On the shelf.

5. Clouds. To the right of the tree village, on the way to the castle room with 
the open window.

6. In the Upper Landing of the castle, on the high shelf.

7. Badger Mill. On the island to the left of the map, underneath the wooden 

8. The Labyrinth. In the middle of the screen underneath Badger Mill.

9. The Woodcutter's Lodge. On a platform above the lodge - drop down to here 
from Murrey's hut.

10. An Ancient Doorway. On the top right - just climb the rocks to get it.

11. The Cell Room. In the castle dungeon, at the top of the screen.

12. Clouds. Fall off from the first screen of clouds after climbing the 
beanstalk - it's two screens down.

13. Clouds. Fall off from the second screen of clouds after climbing the 
beanstalk - one screen down, right in the middle.

14. Underwater at the right hand side of the game.

15. The Blessed Waters. At the other side of the pool in the temple - you'll 
need the snorkel to get it.

16. Bonegrinder the Ogre. It's on the right of the screen on the floor.

17. Starfall Cove. (The water you cross using the boat). On the overhang on the 

18. The Gunpowder Plot. You need to have used the dynamite to get here.

19. Upper Landing. You need to use the hairpin on the padlock to get to it.

20. The Attic. On a cloud outside. You need to get there from the Secret Garden.