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Walkthrough 1.5

By: Andrew Marrero

Version 1.0:
Started: October 23, 2004 (4:34 PM)
Finished: October 29,2004 (11:45 PM)

Version 1.15:
Started: October 29,2004 (12:28 AM)
Finished: October 30,2004 (8:56 AM)

Version 1.45:
Started: October 30,2004 (11:13 AM)
Finished: October 30,2004 (11:38 AM)

Version 1.5: 
Started: October 31,2004 (9:49 AM)
Finished: October 31,2004 (10:21 AM)



1.0 to 1.15: Fixed Alignment errors, indentation errors, and paragraphing errors.

1.15 to 1.45: Challenge Mode Added, times as well as dates added to the version history, 
and cly5m's name is now spelled right :p

1.45 to 1.5: Fixed most grammatical errors, as well as spelling.

-------Table of Contents-------

I. Introduction
II. Characters
III. Locations
IV. Powerups
V. Story Line
VI. Walkthrough
VII. Challenge Mod

(To quick skip to one of the topics, go to find, then type in the Roman numeral shown in the table
 of contents, and add the numbers 001 next to it. [no spaces and no period])


-------I001 Introduction-------

Hi. I'm Andrew Marrero (a.k.a. AndrewFM) and after discovering Seiklus by browsing game maker games, 
I was immediately hooked. Many people agree that this is a real great game (like me) but others 
go for the more thrilling types of games. I like both. This game kind of puts you in a trance, 
which is why I loved it. Every time I was mad, and wanted to punch a hole through the wall, I 
just played this game, and its Zen feeling automatically calmed me down. It is more of a game to 
relax you, with its inability to die type game play. The basic idea was to explore and travel to 
find different depths of the land collecting floating orbs, trying to get back to your girlfriend 
which you had been separated by a meteor. The way the game is set up, it is like a dream. 
Everything is out of the ordinary, from flying hippos, to strange and unusual plants... It’s hard 
to explain. You have to try it though.


-------II001 Characters-------

The guy: The main character of Seiklus. He was separated from his girlfriend by a meteor while 
Stargazing. He is now trying to find his way back to her, while on the way collecting flying orbs.

The girl: The main character's girlfriend. She was shocked when a meteor separates them, and then
sits and waits for his return.

Claw: A strange Plant like creature. Probably the most annoying in the game. They are found in the
under roots of the giant tree. They can be aggravating if you don’t have the claw medallion. 
Without the claw medallion, stepping on the spot where they are will make them eat you, and spit 
you out way back at the entrance. There are no indications of where they are, but they never move... 
so you can try to memorize their locations. If you obtain the medallion though, you will still 
be vulnerable to their crave to munch on flesh, but you will be notified to their presence by a 
slight sparkle.

The flying Hippos: You won’t be introduced to these guys for quite a while... but they are annoying
. They crawl up and down the sides of the walls, and when seeing you, they come flying at you, 
knocking you in the other direction.

The Ghosts: Do nothing, but they fly around in the Spirit Temple, and explode when they come in 
contact with you. They're pretty cool.

The Sea Monster: This giant monster will devour you into its stomach if you get too close. Be 

The Virus!: These annoying virus cells float around in the Sea Monsters Stomach... one touch with
them, and they will knock you unconscious and carry you to the entrance.

The Fishies: These Nice goldfish swim in packs, they don’t hurt you but they are nice to speculate
at. Also, if you find the sea medallion, one will follow you around when you are in its area!


-------III001 Locations-------

The Overworld (Green Orbs) (two rooms): This two-room world is where you begin your quest. It is 
basically an outside pleasant grassy world. 

The Tree(Light Blue Orbs) (three rooms): This Three Room World is located in the first room of 
the overworld. Inside the tree consists of the tree's hollow inside, the underground cavern 
beneath its roots, and the top canopy of the tree.

The Sea(Light Blue Orbs)  (four rooms): This Four Room World starts right underneath the tree 
cavern. It consists of the great fish lake, the undersea grates, the path to the sea monster, 
and the path to re entering the tree cavern.

The Sea Monster(Red Orbs) (five rooms): This is a freaky world, which is inside the Sea Monsters 
Stomach. It consists of Five Rooms, One is the first stage of the stomach, the second is the 
double exit room, which leads to a decision between two rooms. The first one leads to the Mystery 
Treasure Room, the second to the Virus room. From the Virus Room, you get lead to the last room, 
the blowhole room.

The Volcano(Yellow orbs) (six rooms): Traveling up the Tree, if you break the Hawks eggs, she 
comes and captures you!!! He drops you right on top of a giant volcano!!! It has six rooms in 
total. They consist of the downhill slide, the inner path to the core, the core 1, the core 2 top,
the core 2 bottom, and the core 3.

The Blizzard(Purple orbs) (three rooms): This giant snowy area of the world can be accessed VIA a 
elevator in the Volcano. This is a simple area, consisting of many false treasure chests, and 
basically three straightaway rooms.

The Spirit Temple(Orange Orbs) (four rooms): a harder area with many harmless spirits flying 
around. Four levels... and this area holds a clue...

The overworld two(Green Orbs) (one room): This gigantic one room is the final room of the basic 

There are more rooms, but look through the Walkthrough to find them. The rest of the rooms are 


-------IV001 Powerups-------

Invisible Platform Medallion- This one is the first in the list, which looks like a mutated plus. 
It gives you the ability to detect where invisible platforms are located.

Claw Medallion- The second one in the row, the one that looks like the claws themselves. This 
medallion gives you the ability to see the Claws so that you do not get eaten.

The Fish Medallion- The third in the list. It looks like a fat upside down U with 3 spikes on its
top. Hard to explain. Anyways, it makes one of the fish follow you 

The White Medallion- The second to last on the list... it looks like an upside down U, or an eel.
It allows you to see where the white orbs are hidden, VIA the map screen.

The Star Medallion- The last Medallion on the list. Allows you to use the W key.

The other two don’t have any special uses from which I saw.


-------V001 Storyline-------

This game doesn’t have too much of a story line. Basically this is it. A guy is stargazing with 
his girlfriend when a shooting star falls on the guy and sends him hurdling off a cliff. For some 
miracle reason, he survives the fall, and lands in a field of grass. From then on, he collects 
multi-colored flying orbs for no particular reason, and tries to find his way back to his 
girlfriend while encountering flying hippos and whatnot. Its weird...


-------VI001 Walkthrough-------

Section 1: Overworld (First 50 Green Orbs and Invisible Floor Medallion): 

First thing, Travel towards the tree grabbing all green orbs on the way. You can climb up the leafs
like ladders, and use this to get to the higher up ones. One you reach the tree, don't go in. 
Check if you have 11 Greens first by pressing the space bar. If you do, press space again, and 
then S to save. Now enter the tree. When you are inside, go up... not down! Get the 3 greens 
while climbing the rope and stop and jump on the treasure chest. Now don’t go any further up. Go 
out of the tree again, and head the right. Now we must get all the greens in this area. Climb up 
the first leaf and jump across to the second. Now, you will see that it seems impossible to jump 
this gap. Look carefully to the left of the yellow flower. You can see two blinking invisible 
blocks now that you have the Invisible Floor Medallion. Jump on it and continue along the leafs, 
collecting all the orbs. Watch out for the thorns... they will hit you down onto the grass and 
force you to start over. You will also run into one more large gap with invisible floors. Make 
sure to look out for them. When you reach the cave, don’t go in. Jump back down to the floor and 
do a checkup on your greens. You should have 32 of them. If you do, save and head back to the 
tree. Go inside and climb all the way up to the treetop collecting the final 3 in the bark of 
the tree. There, collect the remaining 15 greens, and be careful not to crack the eggs. If you do, 
you'll be sent to a different area, and you wont be in-sinc with the walkthrough!

Stepping Ahead: This is not necessary, but if you want to go ahead of the game, you can collect 
the first 10 whites before you are supposed to. Head back to where you started the game. You 
will find that with the invisible floor Medallion, you can now see an invisible path leading up 
to the sun. Climb the path and enter the sun. This will lead you to a freaky negative zone 
holding 10 whites. If the negative sun hits you, you will be dropped back out of the zone though, 
so be careful.

Section 2: The Tree Roots (First 29 Light Blue Orbs and Claw Medallion):

Climb back down to the base of the tree. Now instead of going back outside, head further down. 
This area is hard though, so be careful. Head across the bridge and collect the 3 light blues. 
Don’t go any further down though. Jump across the gap and grab the three other light blues. Now go 
down the path. You will see two more light blues. DONT GET THEM! It’s a trap. Keep going further 
down, making sure to avoid them. Go forward across the bridge, and don’t go back yet. Just head 
along the bridge. Get the four there. Go up and get the remaining two light blues sitting in the 
air. You will see three mysterious rocks  that seem to be out of place. Jump up them. You will 
realize a bone in one of the walls. It actually is a clue. It is pointing to a secret entrance. 
Jump towards it and attempt to touch it. You will appear in a doorway, where two harmless 
mole rats run around. Continue down past them, and enter the second doorway. Jump across the big 
floating rock to get to a treasure chest. Jump on it to reveal the Claw Medallion. Jump down 
towards the light blue orbs. Make sure you jump towards them, because otherwise you risk entering 
the next area. Grab the three light blues. You will realize that there are sparkles on the ground. 
These symbolize the locations of the Claws. Jump into one of them. It will eat you and spit you 
out back at the beginning. Save and do an inventory check. You should have 15 Light Blues. Climb 
up the zigzagged path. Now when you go down the path you went down at the beginning, you will see 
the two light blues I told you not to get. You can get them now, making sure not to touch the 
sparkle. Now when you reach the bridge, go behind you instead of across the bridge. BE VERY 
CAREFUL HERE! As you can see, there are tons of sparkles on the ground. When you reach the end, 
it is a good time to save. Go ahead and save and then head back towards the bridge. Now keep 
going until you reach a rope. You have a decision of two ways to go. Get the blue to the left. 
Go back up, if you didn’t get eaten and then go to the right. From there, go and collect the 
remaining one light blue. Do an inventory check. You should have 29 blues. Save and jump down the 

Stepping ahead: If you go back into the room with the two mole rats, you will realize one of 
those weird bones that look like clues. It is one. It should be pointing down. Jump over the 
door, and jump up into the wall. You will find yourself on a ladder that leads downward. It will 
lead you to four white orbs. That’s not it! Climb back up the ladder and jump back over the door. 
Look for stalagmites in the ceiling. If you see one, try jumping up to it. There are two that you
are able to reach. One is right near the entrance. Climb up that one to find 3 more white orbs. 
The other stalagmite is found a little further down the path. You will find two of them near each
other. The larger one is the one you are able to grab. Climb up it to find 3 more white orbs. 
If you did all of the Stepping ahead so far, you should have 20 white orbs.

Section 3: The Sea (the rest of the light blue Orbs (71 of them) and the Fish Medallion)

You will fall down really far into a giant lake of fish. Immediately swim all the way to the 
right to find a rope. Climb up it to find a treasure chest that holds the Fish Medallion. When 
you jump back down into the water, a fish will be following you! It doesn’t serve any purpose, 
but it is cute. Swim around and you will see orbs randomly pop up out of nowhere. Keep grabbing 
them. As you grab them, make sure to keep checking your inventory to see how many you have. Once 
you reach 79 light blues, head down towards the bottom of the sea. You will see a maze of metal 
bars. Head all the way to the right to find the entrance of the maze. From there you should be 
able to find your way to the giant hole. Head inside to find a darker, light blue filled area. 
Follow through the maze in this area and make sure to get all the light blues. There should be 
21. After getting all of them, you should have 100 light blues!!! Go through the exit and head up 
the chain in the next area. See that treasure... You can't get it yet, but it will make sense how 
to get it in the future. Now head over to the left and... what’s that? You've been eaten by a giant
sea monster!!! Too bad.

Stepping Ahead: There are no white orbs in the sea world.

Section 4: The Sea Monster (all 100 red orbs):

Immediately swim up to the right, grab the 3 red orbs, then travel to the left and grab the 5 
there. Now, as you go up, go to the right. Grab the ten there then travel back down and head up 
the left side grabbing the four as you go along. Don't worry. The wavy hairs don’t hurt you. There 
is only one path to take to the artery, so take it collecting all the red orbs on your way to it. 
Travel inside the artery to find yourself in another maze like area. You will eventually come to 
an area with two ways to go. The right area shows a cluster of red orbs, while the left shows only
about 5 and another artery. Go to the left and collect the five there and go in the artery. 
Collect the 24 reds in this square room, and you probably are wondering how the heck you get that 
treasure chest in the center. Don’t worry about it yet. It will make sense in the future, kind of 
like that one you found before the sea monster ate you. Before you travel back out of the room, 
save and make sure you have 57 red orbs. Okay, now follow the path to the right that leads to the 
following vein. Now when you go through, Pause!!! Take a breather, because you have to do a lot of
turning, swerving, and weaving around in this room. You need to grab all of the reds in this room
, while avoiding five bloodthirsty viruses. Are you ready... go! They got you a few times eh'? If 
they didn't and you got all the reds, you're pretty good! Anyway, when you get through to the next
area and escape those annoying creatures, take a check of your reds. You should have 100 now if 
you got all of them! Now go up past the heart and jump out the blowhole. Very good! Now head back 
out of the roots of the tree (a fast way would be to purposely get eaten, which will bring you 
right near the beginning.

Stepping Ahead: There are no white orbs in the Sea Monster.

Section 5: The Volcano (all 100 yellow orbs and Mystery Medallion #1)

Once you are out of the roots of the tree, climb up the bark to the treetop. Remember those eggs I
told you to watch out for? SMASH THEM!!! They're cute huh? Not till mama comes as you'll see. 
When the hawk takes you away, she will drop you on top of a barren volcano. Instead of going 
inside though, go to the left, and you'll enter a sliding scene/mini-game. Now, a bunch of 
yellows will scroll across the screen, dropping and then coming back up, dropping and then 
disappearing out of the screen. As they drop down to your height, grab them. You'll eventually 
will catch on to their pattern, and wont miss a single one, but in total there are fifty to catch.
Once all are gone, press the left key till you are as far left as possible. This will then end 
your game by creating a ramp that creating a ramp that will launch you through the air on. You will end up back 
in the overworld. Just scroll to the left, climb back up the tree, and this time disturb the poor
little chicks, and get the hawk mad again. This time though, go into the volcano instead of to 
the left. Just follow down this twisty path into the core of the volcano. There are 21 yellows 
here, so make sure to collect them all. Now here, to get up top where all the yellows are, go to 
the first column. Jump on it and travel across to the third large one. From here, get to the very
edge and make a big jump up to the single tall column. From here you can reach the higher ones. 
As well as the chains. Go and make huge jumps to the left to get the yellows there, then go back 
and travel to the right. You don't have to use the chains until you reach the one part where
obviously you can’t make the full jump. From there, just  Use the chains to get up. You will also 
notice that one of the columns that you are coming up to is really tall. This one can be accessed 
by going to the second to last column and jumping up to the three lone chains. Now you have a 
choice in this area. Go up or down. We will start with up so we can get the treasure. A good tip 
for climbing across these chains is to go to the very top of the chain you are on before 
attempting the large gaps. Also, you will see yellows below you. Don’t get them yet. Go across all 
the chains until you reach the very end. Here you will see that you can drop off the chain and 
either go on the higher or lower platform. Pick the higher one. There is the treasure, right next
to a big chained up skeleton of some giant beast. Now open the treasure chest to get the ash 
medallion. I've tried to figure out what this does, but I can't really find anything. I know something 
happens though. Anyways, take a check of your yellows now and save the game. You should have 85 
of them right now. Head back to the left and jump down to where the four yellow orbs are. Get all 
four, making sure not to fall into the pit. When you have all four yellows, turn around and jump 
back up on the chains. Continue across them to the left till you see four more yellows that you 
passed getting over to the treasure. Jump down and grab them. Then go down the pit. Then go up the
big chain there and follow the chains to the very left. You will find a chain below leading down 
the pit. Go on it and travel down next to the lava fall. 
Here just simply travel to the right, as there are no obstacles, and just the rest of the 100 
yellows. Continue into the final room, by exiting this one at the far right. Climb the chain to 
the top, and upon reaching it, hold right until you touch the staircase. Climb the rest of the 
way up and enter the right area. See the piano here. Just keep this in your head where it is. If 
you want, study the map, so you know where to go when you actually have to be here. Also, one 
more things to do, jump on each key left to right and mark down the color, followed by the number 
note. Example:

The first three should be:

Once you have all 6 down on paper, travel back to the right and head back down the staircase. You 
will notice a huge crack in the wall on the right once you reach the chain. Go in there and enter
the elevator.

Stepping Ahead: In the first room of the volcano, the one where you are heading down the wavy 
path to the core of the volcano, you will notice a weird black spider like thing at the right 
wall almost all the way at the bottom. When you see it, walk towards it. You will find five whites
in this hidden cave of spirals. But look below. There seems to be another secret cave. Head back 
out and travel further down until you reach the second room. Climb the columns till you can reach 
the chains. Climb across them, constantly holding up, touching the ceiling with each chain. The 
10th chain across (from left to right) will lead you up to the second secret cave, holding 5 more 
whites. People that are following the Stepping Aheads should now have 30 whites. Save and continue

Section 6: The Blizzard (all 100 purple orbs + Mystery Medallion #2)

This area is riddled with fake treasure chests. In the first room, there are no real treasure 
chests. Just head over to the platforms and climb up them to reach the Purple orbs. Ignore all 
the treasure here and travel to the left after getting all 24 of the orbs in this room. In the 
next room, immediately jump up the two platforms and grab the 6 purple orbs. Continue on, ignoring
the three fake treasure chests on the ground. When you get up to the big snow mound, jump up on 
the first two platforms, and get all of the purple orbs to the right. This area contains the one 
real chest. Go back to the big snow mound, and use the ones you used to get up to the purple orbs 
to jump across to the larger ones heading left. You will see four treasure chests sitting up here 
on the snow. The second one from where you are standing contains the Mystery Medallion #2. Again, 
I haven’t been able to figure out what this one does either, but I'm working on it. Continue on 
left to the next and final room. Continue far to the left till you come to the area with two 
black platforms, jump up these and continue right, making sure not to fall. Once you finish 
getting those, head back left till you see the closest black platform to the two you used before. 
Go up there and grab the rest of the purples. Don't go up the rope yet. Make sure to grab the 
purples on the left. You should have 91 now. Now where are the rest??? Climb up the rope. The 
last nine are in this strange little purple section. Once you grab them, climb up the ladder and 
wait. Save now and make sure you have all 100 purples. Okay, now continue on to the next section 
if you have all of them.

Stepping Ahead: There are no whites in the Blizzard area

Section 7: The Spirit Temple (all 100 oranges and The White Medallion)

This area is kind of confusing, and many people have had trouble finding a lot of the oranges. Also
, they never actually realized that there was a clue that they were missing in here. I personally 
thought it was obvious, but I guess not. Well anyway, climb up the second ladder to enter. Don't 
worry about the ghosts. They wont hurt you, but they will explode on contact with you. Go to the 
right and jump off the side. Get the three oranges here and then head left. Jump up and grab onto
the ladder attached to the platform supporting two orbs. Grab them and jump over to the ladder 
on the right. Climb up it to reach a higher area. Stop here. Notice the graphiti on the wall? 
Doesn’t it seem out of place and obvious that something is strange about it? Exactly! Its the 
clue. write down the colors in order (hint: all five colors are different, so the first two 
aren't both yellow. Think about the color of the orbs you are collecting now...) Now once you 
have them logged down, continue further up. Grab the three here above the graphiti, and then go 
even further up. Head away from the weird pole things and grab three more. Pass the ladder and 
get the others. Don't go to far right though.. Now go back left and jump up, grabbing the ladder 
here. Continue into the above room with is packed with orbs, a set that you can get to, and 
another you cant. Grab the ones you are able to and then head back down. Jump across the pit, 
and once on the other side, jump down the pit, holding left. If you went in the middle area next 
to the graphiti, continue right to the next room, grab the two oranges, and then head back out. Jump 
down the pit again, holding left. Continue into the room here near the bottom most part of the 
level and grab the two oranges here. You should only have 31 so far, giving you an idea how long 
and hard this level is. Head back right and continue up the ladders to the weird poles again. Now
jump across the pit. This time don't jump back down it. If you are having trouble crossing it, 
here is a hint. Slowly get as close to the edge of it as possible. Then stop. Press up and 
left/right at the same exact time. Now this is what everyone messed up on, and is why they 
couldn't get the other oranges. Jump on the base of the pole nearest you. Not walk on it, jump on
it. They should light up orange, and you'll see what happens. Now continue left. Jump across 
these gaps till you get to the vase using the same method you did to get past the big gap 
previously. Now, when you get to the vase, turn around and go down. You should land on a large 
platform with three oranges on it. Go down the ladder to the right, and go down the staircase 
getting all the oranges. Go all the way down the staircase, till you reach the ladder that is 
going down by the three last oranges. Once you grab these last three, climb back up the ladder, 
and back up the staircase. Continue up to the big platform you were on before with the three 
oranges. Go all the way to the right on this platform and jump the gap. Go down the ladder and 
jump way out to the left to grab the one orb suspended in mid-air. Then go back to where you 
jumped from using the same method you used to get there previously. Jump past the vase and grab 
the three orbs here. turn around and go back up the ladder and grab the three last ones to the 
right. Now save and check your inventory. You should have 51 oranges if you followed along 
correctly. I know it’s a little hard, but this is a hard level to explain. Hopefully you are 
following along alright. Okay, head back to the left, jump the gap, head up the ladder that you 
reach right after the gap is crossed, go and jump the gap to the right, and finally climb up the 
ladder. Whew! Grab the three orbs while climbing up the ladder in this room. Once you reach the 
point of the ladder, get the three orbs (one to the left, one above you, and one to the right) 
and then head up the ladder to the west. Once you get here, immediately head to the right, grab 
the three orbs, then head to the left and grab the three orbs in this direction. Now this part is 
annoying. Instead of heading straight up the ladder, jump down the pit, holding the right key. 
Grab the six orbs here, and then after reaching the bottom of the pit, rewind and follow the 
directions you followed before to get back to where you previously were before you jumped. Okay, 
when you get back to the top of the pit, go up the ladder I said not to go up yet. Jump across 
all the pits to the right, and don’t go up any ladders. Just keep jumping to the right, while 
grabbing all the orbs. There should be five to collect before you head to the next room. Now do 
you see the pit here you have to jump across? This is where everyone had trouble. That big brick 
that fell when you jumped on the pole used to be right in this pit going straight up, blocking 
the path. Jump down the pit, and you will land on top of that big brick. Continue to the right 
and grab the three orbs here. Once you reach the ladder going down, stop and go down it. Here is 
the higher area of the one you were in before where you couldn't access all of the orbs. You are 
in it now, and you can get all of the orbs now! Get the last twelve here and then head back up 
the ladder. Now you should have 88 orbs. You're close! Head to the right some more and go up the 
ladder here, grabbing the four orbs on the way.  At the top, you will see a treasure chest. Bust 
it open and you will get the White Medallion. Now open your map. If you did all the Stepping 
Aheads so far, there should only be 3 white flashing dots. This symbolizes where there are still 
whites hidden. Otherwise, there should be quite a few of these dots! Now, head to the left 
grabbing the five oranges, leaving you with 97 oranges. Only 3 more to go! Now jump back down the 
pit when you come to it. This time, instead of heading right when you land on top of the brick, 
head left. Grab the final three and jump over the vase. Head back upwards till you come to the 
large pit up at the top left. Go up the ladder by it, and jump across the small gap to reach a 
ladder going up into a grey area. Go up it way up to the top. Instead of going out of the cave, 
jump across the gap to the right. You should see two closed doorways, one small one with an unlit 
light above it, and one larger one with 6 lights, but only the green one not lit. We must find 
the last fifty greens if we wish to open this door! Lets go!

Stepping Ahead: I know you've been through a lot going through that whole temple, but there are 15
whites hidden in it! We must get them. You aren't really supposed to try to get any of the whites
till after you find all of the colored orbs, but if you already started Stepping Ahead, who cares. 
Lets go. The first five are located in the very first room where you enter the actual spirit 
temple. Go up past the graphiti, and all the way to the very top area by the poles. Once you 
reach here, head as far right as possible. Once you get really close to the wall, ahhhhh! You'll 
fall down in a hole leading you to a secret room with five whites. Grab them then exit by going to
the bottom right corner of the secret room. The second five whites are located in the room  to 
your right. Head all the way up near the poles and jump across the gap. Once you enter this room, 
immediately start by jumping down the first gap you come to. Go straight to the left and jump down
yet the second gap past the ladder. Head all the way down to the very bottom right corner. Head 
down the ladder and then charge into the left wall. You will go through, leading you straight to 
five more whites. Five to go. The final five are in the top right area. Head straight up to the 
area with the giant pit from where you are. Head up the ladder next to the pit and jump across the
gaps heading to the right. Now jump down the pit where the brick used to be (if its here, make 
sure to lower it!) Head to the right, go up the ladder, and go to where the treasure chest was. 
Jump to the right past the treasure box, and when you go right near the wall, you'll fall through 
the floor. The final five are in your clutches.

Section 8: The Final Colors (Last 50 Greens)

From where you are, head out of the cave. Jump straight down and run for the tree. When inside, 
Head straight up for the treetop. Bother the little birdies, and you'll be dropped on top of the 
volcano once again. Go inside and quickly head through it all the way to the staircase by the elevator
to the Blizzard World. Go up the staircase till you reach the top, which then you should go eastward.
Here it is. The piano. Enter in the color combo that you wrote down from the Spirit Temple. If you 
entered it in correctly, magically a rope will appear leading to the higher area. Here you will enter
a very stormy and miserable version of the overworld. Head right, not going up on the leafs at all, 
and grab thee eight on the ground. Then go back left till you reach the two flowers near the entrance.
count the stems that you can climb. Its the fourth from the left that you want to start with (Not 
including flower stems). Grab the three on here, then jump to the left in between the two sets of 
thorns. From there drop on the other leaf on the left. Jump all the way across to the first leaf, 
and begin to climb that one. Grab the three that you can reach, and then jump over between the
thorns to the right. From there jump to the other leaf and climb upwards. Before you grab the three
here, jump to the left and climb way up to the leaf at the top there. Get the three on top of the
leaf, and jump down and grab the one suspended in mid-air. Jump between the thorns again, and this
time get the three, heading right. This is a big jump to make, so don't mess it up, or you'll have 
to start over. One you do make it though, climb up to the top leaf and grab the three way up there. 
Jump across to the two lower leafs facing each other, making sure to grab all four in the falling 
process. Now of those two leaves, climb down the stem to get the three greens on the left most one.
Don't go all the way down though! Just far enough to get the three greens. Head back up and jump 
across to the rightmost leaf, and from there to the leaf to the right of that. Grab the three 
on this leaf, then jump down (to the right) and grab the three on the lower leaf. Then jump down to
the left and grab the three there, climb back up and jump to the right and grab the one here, but
don’t grab any other ones there. Head back to the left, and get the three real low ones pretty far 
to the right once you have those, head to the right to where you were previously. Jump as far to 
the left as you possibly can to grab the orb suspended in mid-air and still land on the leaf. Grab 
the rest on the leaf and jump down to the ground. Save and check your inventory. If you followed 
along well, you should have 99 greens. Head left and on your way to the exit, you will spot the 
last green on a lone leaf between two flowers. Jump up and grab it, and continue on out. Now once 
you enter the volcano again, you have two choices. Either go in the elevator and travel back 
through the Blizzard area and the Spirit temple, or travel back to the top of the volcano and 
slide down its side. Either way you will end up where I want you. I'd take the volcano path because 
it is quicker, but it's up to you. If you took the Spirit Temple route, you'll be at the cave 
already, as opposed to the other route, you'll just have to climb the leafs in the overworld to 
enter the cave. Once in the cave, enter the now opened doorway to reach the heavens.

Stepping Ahead: You got all the hidden whites already!!!

Section 9: The Heavens (All 100 whites + 1st Credit Scene)

Now this part is pretty hard not to get all the whites. You have to jump up each platform to get 
to the top, and the only way you'll miss the whites on the platforms is if you try to. All you have 
to do in this area is to jump across and up each platform and be careful not to fall. It’s not that
hard, because the gaps aren’t wide, but it’s very high up (you have to reach the clouds). Once you 
do get up there head up the staircase into the heavens. First go to the right and grab the whites
here. You'll meet back up with your girlfriend, you guys will hug, and then the first credit 
scene will begin. You can watch you show your girl friend around the world, or you can simply 
rapidly tap space bar to speed up the credits. Just because you saw the credits doesn’t mean that 
you beat the game! No you're a long way away from that still. Head back to the right and jump across the staircase gap by jumping on the platform and then jumping across. Collect the 6 whites here 
and then walk past the giant column into the next room. And walah! All the whites in this area 
are sitting right in front of you. Grab them, and go back to the left. Or you can continue on right,
and you'll run into the Castle of the Heavens, but you can’t enter there yet. You still have 
another task to complete. If you don't have 100 whites now, you probably only have 55. If you do, 
use the white medallion you received wisely to find the locations of the whites you are missing. 
Also look back at the Stepping Aheads. I know this was a quick section, but there wasn't much to it.

Section 10: The Final Mission (The 6 Earth Slices, The Final Scene, and the Star Medallion)

Okay. This is the hardest and longest part of the game. It's your final mission, to find the six 
earth slices. First though, you have to get the Star Medallion. Head out of the heavens, and the 
other doorway should be opened now that you have all 100 whites. This is the golden zone. Okay. 
said, go up the chain. Remember, don’t save! There will be annoying flying hippos that try to knock
you off the chain. A lot of times, because of the bug, the hippos get stuck to you, allowing you not 
to move. If this does happen, wait a few seconds. If another hippo sees you, he will get you unstuck.
But there are times when another does not come, and if you saved when this happened, your game is 
gone! Anyway, this part is extremely aggravating, and will make you want to continuously save, but
just don’t, and don’t give up no matter what. Be especially careful near the platforms at the top, 
as the hippos can hit you inside them, causing you to be badly stuck. You will stink the first time
you do this (it took me 2:47 seconds to do it on my first time, but just now making this walkthrough 
I did it in 18 seconds. So you just need some practice. Once you get to the top, open the chest. Inside will be the star medallion. When you get this, you will notice a W flashing in the bottom 
right corner of the screen. Press W! You will go to one of these following places:

On a platform in the area you get eaten by the Sea Monster: I told you that this would make 
sense later in the game. Open the treasure chest to get bottom most right earth slice. 

In a strange Purple area, similar to where you got the last purple orbs: This area is the longest 
of the areas you have to face to find the earth slices. Run Across till you come to five pits. The 
one you want to go down in the third one from the left. Head to the west from here and climb up the 
first rope. The others lead to dead ends. From here, jump down and open the chest to get top most right earth slice.

In front of the two color gates. Look around. Do you see any treasure chests. No? Then move on!

In The Blizzard Area: Ooooh! A treasure chest! Drats. Its one of those annoying fake treasure 

In the Stomach of the Sea Monster: This is another one I said that you would understand how to 
get to in the future. Strangely, the water is sucked out of this area. You cant swim, the physics 
take on outside areas, and the plankton bounce against the walls of the area you are in. Weird. 
Anyway, in the treasure chest here is the top most earth slice.

In The Volcano: Nope, this isn't the treasure chest of an earth slice, just a previous Medallion 
holding chest.

A Mysterious Room of the Golden Zone: This area is the hardest of the areas you have to face to 
get the earth slices. Go up the chain in front of the giant cat statue. Be ready for a challenge. 
You need to jump across sixteen gaps, the size of the large one with the poles in the Spirit 
Temple, all without falling! Use the skill I mentioned before to get across and save a lot. You 
can save in this area of the gold zone, don’t worry. This is an extremely hard challenge, and you 
are going to be frustrated, and fail a lot, but keep trying! You can do it! If you finally nailed 
this challenge down, you will get the bottom most left earth slice.

The Weird Snake Factory: This strange area is my favorite in the game. I don't know why, but it 
is just cool.  Go up the large metal plates till you reach the treasure chest and open it up. You 
will get the uppermost left earth slice. There is also a clue in here, which I found generally easy 
to spot and figure out, but it is harder than the graphiti. I'm going to let you figure this out,
but far below I will write the answer in case you get stuck.

The Piano Area: Not many people have figured this out or suspected this, but there is an earth 
slice in here. It links to a clue in another area, and I'll write the answer below, but try to 
figure it out yourself. It's pretty easy. I'll start with hints that lead into the answer.

Hint 1: If you want your clue, it’s in the area farthest away from the actual world

Hint 2: The Piano must have a certain combo entered for your treasure to appear

Hint 3: It is not a color combo, but instead made of numbers

Hint 4: The Snake is guarding it well

Hint 5: A Factory holds the hint in its top left corner, engraved in their machine.

Solution: You probably, and should have figured it out by now, but in the Weird Snake Factory, 
there is a number in the corner that holds which number keys you must play on the piano (left 
to right). Wright it down, and enter it in the piano.

That will get you the most complicated slice to get, which in the bottom-most earth slice. Now you 
are 99% Complete. You are just missing the entrance into the Castle of the Heavens. You can warp
to the color gates to get there quicker, so do that and head up to the clouds, to the left, and 
into the castle. Head to the right all the way and go up on the large blocks. You will come to an 
area where there are 3 blocks, two closer to the floor, and the one in between them is higher. This 
is by the pedestal. Stand on the third block, and from here you should be able to jump way up to 
the top and stand there to power up the earth slices with the medallions and placing them back 
into their proper spot. The Final Credits Scene will start up, and congratulations, you have 
beaten the game! 


-------VII001 Challenge Mode-------

Okay, now challenge mode is not a mode in the game, it is a mode I am creating right now. BTW,
Just as a little notice, if you get 100% on all three game files, nothing happens. I thought 
something might, but I just accomplished that and now I am certain it does not. Okay, to play
challenge mode, you must have a free slot open, 0% Completed. Then, if the regular game wasn't 
enough for you, try these challenges. (All of them are possible. I have completed each and 
every one.)

Challenge 1: Speed Challenge: Without saving, try to complete the game faster than my current 
record. My record so far is 39 minutes and 18 seconds. Remember no saving, because then the file 
won’t have 0% anymore!

Challenge 2: Soul Capturing: Get all 100 oranges without saving from the Spirit temple, all 
without getting hit by a ghost even once!

Challenge 3: Death Orbs: Try to go through each area mentioned in the location section 
(III001) without touching any of the orbs.

Challenge 4: Thorns and Spikes: Try to complete the whole overworld 2 without touching a single 
thorn on the plants.

Challenge 5: Piano Puzzle 3: Try to enter this combo on the piano without messing up. Red, 
Yellow, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Light Blue, 
Green, Red, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Orange. What makes this hard is that you 
need to know the locations of each color on the piano, and you can't memorize this whole thing, 
so you will need to keep taking your eyes off the piano, which will most likely mess you up.

Challenge 6: Teacher of the School: Try to swim up and down through the school of fish in the 
sea area 5 times without touching a single fish. (BTW, when I say five times, I don't
mean up-one, down-two, up-three... I mean up-one, down-one, up-two, down-two, up-three...)

Challenge 7: Line of Fire: Try to swim up through the viruses in the Sea Monsters stomach, and 
get all the red orbs, all without pressing the down button. 

More Challenges to come in later versions...


-------VIII001 Credits-------

Seiklus by: Tapeworm/cly5m

Walkthrough by: Andrew Marrero

Game Help by: Members at Home of the Underdogs

Thanks everyone!