6 Days a Sacrifice/Walkthrough

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6 Days a Sacrifice, by ?



- Get flyer


- Talk to guard
- Use hands on guard
- Give paper to Sam
- Talk to Sam about the console, then the door in the north wall

- Go east
- Keep walking east until you get to the blast doors
- Go east
- Enter the first door (sleeping quarters)
- Get guns from Janine
- Head east until you see Sam
- Give her the guns

- Talk to Sam and Janine about everything


- Go east (dream)

- Talk to Sam about everything
- Go west
- Get guard to follow you, then enter medical storage room (next to medical room)

- Call Sam and tell her the guard is gone
- Go back to main corridor
- Talk to Sam

- Talk to Canning about everything
- Go west
- Go to sleeping quarters
- Use hands on locker
- Enter the code: 'OPEN'
- Use hands on locker
- Get keycard
- Go to Canning's office
- Use the computer
- Release level 1 security
- Go east
- Take spectacles from near elevator
- Enter security room (symbol is a security camera)
- Use hands on blue screen
- Select camera 4
- Select 'review footage'
- Use lens on big screen
- Go out
- Keep heading east to get to blast doors
- Use keycard in left-hand panel
- Enter code 7759 in right-hand panel (have to have seen it on the screen)
- Phone Janine and have her come help

- Go east (dream)


- Use phone to call Sam (note down numbers)
- Phone Janine and talk about everything
- Go to medical storage
- Talk to Trilby
- Enter far right door in main corridor (now open)
- Talk to Trilby about everything
- Go to security room
- Use blue screen
- Select camera 5
- Enter code 2741
- Download the image
- Call Janine and tell her about the Hub
- Go to the quiet room
- Talk to Canning about John DeFoe
- Tell him Dr. Harty was a cloner
- Go to medical bay
- Search Sam's corpse
- Go to hub entrance
- Talk to Janine about ID card
- Go back to clone lab
- give ID card to Trilby

- Go to Canning's office
- Get pile of documents
- Look at pile of documents in inventory
- Go to security room
- Open fusebox
- Use staple in fusebox
- Go back to the hub entrance

(long cutscene)


- Go out
- Go into medical storage room (door has changed)
- Get pickaxe
- Go back to sleeping quarters
- Enter kitchen
- Stand next to hole and wait
- When Janine is fairly near the hole, use the pickaxe on it


- Wait by the door
- Talk to the man in red
- Interact with the usable wall at the back of the cell
- Wait for the delivery
- Get the parcel from the dropper
- Look at the parcel in the inventory
- Use knife-key in door

- Walk all the way down the stairwell, watching flashbacks
- Talk to the body
- Use the knife-key on the body
- Use life force on dying man


- Go to hub entrance
- Walk through the big door

- Go east
- Get machete
- Go west
- Use the front door
- Go upstairs
- Enter first door
- Get welding mask
- Go back to the foyer
- Use the front door
- Go upstairs again
- Enter far right door
- Get apron
- Back to the foyer
- Use the front door
- Enter west door
- Go west again
- Use outfit on hole

- Interact with tarpaulin three times
- Try to leave by the steps


- Walk east
- Interact with the Arrogant Man